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Republican Looting

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Just another whistle stop

Read this AP report at the commie-pinko site and tell me again why the Republicans are considered the law-and-order, fiscally responsible, small-government party.

Every attempt at whistleblowing on Iraq War fraud is thwarted, including literally torturing the whistleblowers.

(via) Read below the fold...

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Stripping America - the Cash Cow

In economics studies you learn the terms 'cash cow' and corporate takeover, and that is what I see happening in the treatment of this country by the cabal in the White House. We are seeing America's assets stripped away to support the criminal group that has taken over.

Of course, there is no appearance, and no occurrence, of public interest there. Read below the fold...

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Betraying Public Interest Every Which Way They Can

This crew of GoPerverts has made one thing perfectly clear, to paraphrase their idol, Richard Nixon. Read below the fold...

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So Fred Thompson Lied: So Fucking What?

Molly Ivins 1
One of those moments Molly should be here for.

[Welcome National Review readers. The password is still "specimen jar." Oh, you won't be returning here to apologize? That's okay, we didn't expect you to.] Read below the fold...

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Faced With A Democratic Congress, Has Bush Sworn Off Swine?

In a speech on March 26, 2007, in front of a group of beef farmers President Bush took time to complain about the “other white meat.” Not in our meals, but in the Congressional spending diet. Regarding the Iraq War emergency supplemental bill passed by the House of Representatives the prior week, the President said: Read below the fold...

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Stealing From the Taxpayer To Outsource Jobs

The present executive branch has been spectacularly ill managed. One of the huge offenses was recently discovered at Walter Reed, where veterans have been disserved by turning over their care to contract employees.

Today we have news that mail had gone undelivered to the veterans there for as much as a year, by contract employees. A commenter at Eschaton guessed that the mail was addressed in English, which was the problem. Read below the fold...

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Sympathy for the dildo

Newsweek's Michael Hirsh paints Paul Wolfowitz as a noble dreamer:
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This Pig Trough For Republics Only

Sports are not of any great interest to me, and I've barely noticed all the doping scandals because I don't read those pages. But I had to admire the attitude of GOP Rep. Davis of Virginia who had the chair of the House Committee on Government Reform, with oversight of the steroid use in baseball. He was using that position to declare that a group including George Soros shouldn't be allowed to purchase the "Nats" from Major League Baseball. Read below the fold...

Saint John McCain MySpace site hacked by designer whose work and bandwidth he stole


[I meant to genuflect when I mentioned McCain's name, but there's no room to do that in a headline.]

mcain At left you see the end result. Here's the story as Mike Davidon, the designer, tells it:

Why would a presidential candidate make such an important announcement on his MySpace page?

The answer? He wouldn't.

But I would.

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Looking Back: About That Canadian Softwood Settlement Money...

Sometimes we're as bad as the mainstream media we criticize, jumping from one Scandal du Jour to the next and then forgetting the one we were so outraged about last week. Read below the fold...

Jerry Lewis is Not Funny. Not Funny at All

Great diary over at the House of Orange which goes to explaining why BushGonzoCo was so anxious to sack US Attorney Lam before she got close to investigating US Rep. Jerry Lewis. Yes, military contractors, looting, war profiteering, hedge funds and the trend to shifting ownership of these companies overseas out of US regulatory/investigative range is involved, but I guarantee this is the most coherent story involving those terms you are likely to read today. Read below the fold...

Conservative governance represented by a simple equation

[I've updated this on the flip, since it's always nice to see one's theories confirmed in today's news.]

Not to go all poli-sci on you, but I'd like to suggest that the conservative approach to governance can be summarized in the following equation:




Or, in the vulgate: Read below the fold...

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Afghanistan: Still a Sham of an Effort

When it comes to "progress" in Afghanistan, Steve is an optimist, I am a pessimist. But I think we can better grasp the problem by comparing and contrasing those two pieces, while keeping in mind some others. From Steve's piece:
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Intelligence Budgets Don't Need to be Classified

They really don't. Don't take it from me, take it from someone who has worked in the CIA:
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