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Thursday morning music

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Williams S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer

And a request from the community after the break.

Please let me know if you can play this:

A Thanksgiving Prayer by Williams S. Burroughs on Grooveshark

I'm trying out Grooveshark and want to see if it plays for those who aren't signed in to the service.

Now for one of my periodic rants against the industry: Their reluctance to allow public streaming is absolutely insane. People get turned on to music by curated discovery, and anything that is an obstacle to that is an obstacle to sales. Make it as easy as possible to sample the wares and they'll get hooked.

Or: drug dealers are savvier businesspeople than music industry executives.

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Submitted by twig on

and I'm not signed in to Grooveshark.

Thanks for this, Burroughs is remarkable!!

Submitted by lambert on

The player seems to be moving through its playlist, and when I click on it, it plays something.

Submitted by lambert on

It isn't playing anything until I click, but song title are rotating through the widget vertically.

UPDATE My eyes are getting really bad. Those aren't playlist song titles that rotate, but Burroughs and some other item only.

The larger player worked for me too.

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Submitted by danps on

Thanks for letting me know Julia!

Submitted by hipparchia on

where the grooveshark player would be. there's probably some setting on my computer that could be changed, but i'm not going to change anything, not right at the moment anyway. so i'm probably the canary in the coal mine for some subset of your audience...

Submitted by hipparchia on

it sounds like an excellent solution actually, and i will eventually get around to changing my browser settings or installing a new browser or something so that i can take advantage of it. i do like discovering new music.

Submitted by lambert on

... like you've gpt some sort of flash blocker installed.