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Time for Al Gore to get arrested

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Millennials Occupy TransCanada Offices Across the US

More than 100 young people stormed a TransCanada office in Houston, Texas on Monday as part of a Tar Sands Blockade mass action targeting company offices across the United States. Blockaders streamed into the Houston office, occupying the space with their own hand-crafted “KXL pipe monster.”

#NoKXL "Why We Blockade" Houston Corporate Action

Tar Sands Aerial Blockade - Jan. 3rd

TSB Idle No More Solidarity Round Dance at KXL Construction Site

Tar Sands Blockade, Idle No More ! Solidarity Action. California

Tar Sands Blockade Corporate Action

Tar Sands In Minnesota

Tar Sands Blockade Solidarity Convergence NYC

Keystone XL Protestors Arrested

We need something to catapult this onto the top of the nightly news. It is time for Al Gore to lead by example, time for him to get arrested. That would have an electrifying effect upon the environmental movement and force the Very Serious People to talk about the pipeline and global warming.

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