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I just installed a timeline, though I've got to tinker with the pop-up formatting some, which is why I called it "beta" on the menu tab.

The nice thing here is that it uses exactly the same data that the fracking map does, so there's no need to enter the same data twice; fill in an incident report, and we can set up a mapping representation, or a timeline representation. ((n an ideal world, we'd have a map with a timeline slider, but I can't find one that works, so instead, on the map, we have clumsy filter dropdowns).

One thing I notice, though, is that the writing style for the individual incident report really does matter. The title needs to be short enough to appear happily on a popup, or possibly there needs to be a second, very short, title optimized for popups. Whatever, although it seemed like a good idea at the time to put "Fracking" at the start of every title, because it helped me do the import of 150+ incident reports, it turned out not to be very smart when it comes time to display the data.

Live and learn!

NOTE Adding, I wonder if I can add some filters onto the timeline, so we could filter on "a rash of stabbings," say.

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