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TPM coverage of Taibbi, Goldman Sachs: FAIL

After posting excerpts (June 26, 2009) from Matt Taibbi's evisceration of Goldman Sachs -- if one may be said to eviscerate a tapeworm -- I read this post by the great Avedon:

I do find it kind of strange that hardly anyone aside from Lambert and Susie Madrak* have treated Matt Taibbi's blockbuster on how Goldman Sachs and their little friends run the world with much seriousness. Even Randi Rhodes apparently prefers to talk about Michael Jackson. I mean, come on.

Well, I thought, gosh, she's just got to be wrong! I mean, with the left blogosphere for us, who can be against us? So I went and looked at how Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo -- TPM being our prime source of muckraking and actual reportage, and they're gunning to replace* Pravda, as I understand it -- covered the Goldman story. What I found may surprise you:



Last "Goldman Sachs" mention on TPM Muckraker: May 22, 2009.

Last "Goldman Sachs" mention on TPM: April 17, 2009.

(And in the TPM Cafe, a think piece by Dean Baker about cap and trade on June 29, 2009, and a GS mention on June 26.)

Contrast the immediate coverage of Taibbi's work by The Big Picture; or these highly readable and analytical pieces at Baseline Scenario.

Why on earth would anybody not think that Taibbi's piece -- or his response to Goldman Sachs -- weren't newsworthy? Goldman Sachs "innovative" financial engineering results in five major bubbles and our tribunes of the people in the left blogosphere have nothing to say? When we're in the midst of a financial crisis?


Josh, you were our hope! Why? Why? Where have you gone? Are you hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Why, oh why, can't we have a better A list?

NOTE * And when I say "replace," I guess I do mean "replace." Unfortunately.

UPDATE And RiverDaughter, Avedon reminds us.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Are they hocking a diet product, or are they implying that reading TPM will help you "trim the fat" so to speak.

If it's the former it's bad enough for people who call themselves "progressives", but if it's the second, it's a dose of objectification and fat-phobia that's totally intolerable.

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Submitted by scoutt on

or the illusion that now you have power because your team won

We're watching it with our own peeps.

And hence the constant reference to the screeching, glass shattering, metal bending crash of the primaries — we were shocked to watch "the good people" act so viciously and hypocritically.

Policy doesn't really matter it seems. Winning and power are everything. It IS like highschool.

Ad analysis - left side is hillary's tummy. right side is obama's.
I'm not being snarky. I think those visuals sum up the primary perfectly.

Here's to not being the in crowd.
This is a post that reminds me to send a little $ love to corrente.

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Submitted by scoutt on

If ever at all.

They sucked hard on the obama pipe. And hillary hate was the dirty water.

I even gave them money.

The knife in the stomach was Randi Rhodes ,
at an Obama fundraiser, calling Hillary a "fucking c*nt".
And she used to go on and on about how amazing bill clinton was.

Is that the flag we liberals are proud to wave?

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Submitted by Anna Granfors on those of you who tuned in to Malloy's show tonight, expecting (from my earlier comments) to hear him talk about Taibbi. Malloy's home page does have the article linked, with the simple instruction "Please Go Read", as the only entry on his "blog" of the day. But zip, zilch, nada.

Most of you have probably seen RFK Jr.'s interview with him on Ring Of Fire--there's a two part video posted. And maybe Malloy'll talk about it tomorrow. (He got completely stuck on his pet peeve; the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, owing to the commandeering of the supply ship that the Israeli Navy did earlier today. And that's not to say that's not important, but I was hoping...sigh...)

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Submitted by DCblogger on

your right, the high traffic blogs are ignoring this scandal.