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Trent Lott, sex machine

Jonah Goldberg:

Nobody disputes that Lott could be a great minority whip. He was elected precisely because he has the skills a minority whip needs: an intimate [!] knowledge of the institution, and the ability to shake down colleagues for votes. Lott is detail oriented, collegial with an Old World gentility — as well as a certain sexual confidence befitting a former cheerleader at Ole Miss.

I'm speechless.

But not for long. Because I don't think male cheerleaders have a very good track record on the whole governance thing, confident though they do tend to be.

In fact, I'm right there with Jonah as he asks the rhetorical question:

Who says the Republicans are the Stupid Party?

Well, I do. Me and about 60% of the population.

NOTE I mean, what's Jonah trying to say, here? That Trent Lott may be an unreconstructed Confederate sympathasizer, but that's OK, since he's not a pedophile or kinked about animals? WTF?

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