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Trump Therapy 13.1 -- On Notice

So, noted Islamophobe and conspiracy theory advocate Michael Flynn declared "As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice." And were it not for the fact that Flynn is Trump's national security advisor, and not some 400 lb idiot sitting in his parent's basement, this would just be funny, not frightening.

I mean, the Colbert Report was doing this for laughs 10 years ago? And how long before South Park has Ms Garrison putting the boys "officially on notice"? (Or has it been done already?)

Does anyone think that Trump currently has the international standing to do anything but bluster at this point? Sure, Trump can "impose sanctions" on Iran, but that will only serve to make the USA look even dumber than it does now, unless hell freezes over, and the rest of the world decides to back Trump. And given that Russia and the EU are already on record saying the missile tests were perfectly okay, there won't be hockey games in hell anytime soon.

But speaking of Russia, and being put "on notice", why is the administration so silent on the emerging humanitarian disaster in the Ukraine, where Russian puppets/allies continue to violate the Minsk II ceasefire agreement.

Or how about putting China on notice for kidnapping a Hong Kong billionaire?

Trump's ineptitude has emboldens all sorts of US antagonist to engage in provocative acts. They know that under Trump, the USA is completely unprepared to deal with problematic situations appropriately, and are doubtless just waiting for a Trump over-reaction that will result in world-wide condemnation of the USA. Indeed, when Trump finally does over-react, we can expect to see levels of violence against Americans overseas that will make Benghazi look like a Sunday picnic.

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The only reason I voted for Obama in 2012* was to avoid war with Iran.

Romney and the Republican/Likud establishment was adamant for it, and Obama was clearly against the idea. As it worked out, Obama fought hard for, and won, a treaty which avoided war.

Clinton was clearly comfortable with the status quo regarding the Iran treaty, Trump was clearly interested in scraping the deal so that the US or Israel could start a war.

And here we are. Iran is provoked with a travel ban, responds with missile tests, WH escalates with a "notice", lays down sanctions designed to violate the treaty.

What next? This is 10 days in.

Elections have consequences and no, Trump and Hillary were not even close to equally evil, and zero good, zero, is going to come from this Trump disaster.

* and so (along with Franken's election) began my long road back to being a cautious Dem.