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Trump Therapy 18.1 -- Iranophobia

Why is Iran on Trump's so-called "travel ban"? If the purpose is to prevent al Qaeda/ISIL terrorists from gaining entry into USA, Iran makes no sense at all, because those Sunni-based organizations despise Shiite Iran even more than they do the USA.

Team Trump's argument regarding Iran rests on it being one of seven countries included in the "visa waiver modification" program in 2015. And while that sounds impressive, its not.*

Iran's inclusion on the list of seven counties is based on its designation as a "state sponsor of terrorism". This designation is based on Iran's financial and logistical support of designated "terrorist" organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, and is not based on any evidence that Iranians themselves are personally involved in acts of terror, or that Iranian citizens have ever even attempted to attack the US mainland.

Hamas and Hezbollah exist in the Israeli-occupied territories that are officially part of Jordan and Eqypt, and its members have been held responsible for terrorist attacks directed at Americans overseas. But Israel is not among the countries listed in the traval ban, and neither are Eqypt or Jordan.

Bottom line -- Iran's inclusion on the list of "banned" countries has nothing to do with any terrorist threat -- and everything to do with a "Muslim" ban.

*Countries can be split into two groups -- those that require visas for travel to the USA, and those that don't. Prior to 2105, citizens of Iran and the six other countries were required visas to travel in the USA, while citizens of most of Western Europe (e.g. France) did not, and if you had dual citizenship with a visa and no-visa country, you were treated as a citizen of the no-visa country. The 2015 change meant you were treated as a citizen of a visa country. (i.e. if you held dual French-Iranian citizenship, before 2015 you did not require a visa because you were French, after 2015 you did require a visa because you were Iranian.)

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