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Trump Therapy 7.2 -- One of those stories I missed..

Amidst the chaos created by Team Trump over the last weeks, this story seems to have been lost...

Apparently, the Russians in charge of interfering with the US elections have been arrested, for treason

From the NY Times (via Josh Marshall)

A senior official in the Russian cyberintelligence department [Sergei Mikhailov] that American officials say oversaw last year’s election hacking has been arrested in Moscow on charges of treason, a Russian newspaper reported Wednesday....He was detained along with one of Russia’s leading private-sector cybersecurity experts, Ruslan Stoyanov, the head of computer incident response investigations at the Kaspersky Lab, which makes antivirus programs.

and now, Moscow Times (again via Josh Marshall) is reporting that the "treason" they committed was disclosing details of the hacking operation to the CIA.

According to the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, the FSB believes Sergei Mikhailov tipped off U.S. officials to information about Vladimir Fomenko and his server rental company “King Servers,” which the American cybersecurity company ThreatConnect identified last September as “an information nexus” that was used by hackers suspected of working for Russian state security in cyberattacks.

Its important to note that the original source of all this reporting is an "independent" Russian paper, Novaya Gazeta, which was founded by Mikhail Gorbachev (when he was out of power). Numerous reporters for Novaya Gazeta have been found murdered, according to wikipedia (haven't verified that).

Marshall is speculating that Mikhailov was betrayed by someone who recently gained access to "sources and methods" as members of Trump's inner circle. But I think there is a better explanation.

The intelligence community has already established the Trump -- Russia connection, and it goes through one of the people arrested for treason in Russia (there are a total of four so far.) Putin is going to publicly disavow Mikhailov's operation, and say that Milhailov and his cronies (who will never be heard from again) had been convicted of treason for going rogue. The treason trial, of course, was never made public, because the case involved so much highly classified information.

When the IC report on Russia involvement in the election comes out, Trump too will declare that whoever was working on his behalf had "gone rogue".

And Voila! Problem solved, because neither Russia, nor Trump, was ever aware of what their "rogues" were up to until after the election.

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