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Q via @: Has #MintTheCoin chatter over creation of trillion $ platinum coin re: debt ceiling reached West Wing? #FiscalCliff411
Yahoo! Finance

This interesting, since (1) Lyster used to be on Russia Today, and interviewed Yves Smith, among other "outsiders," and (2) Yahoo finance is about as mainstream as you can get...

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Submitted by JoeInSF on

Last night KRON (local Bay Area TV station) had a rather open-minded story about minting platinum coins. Interesting!

Submitted by lambert on

Got a link? Ideally, a transcript? I'll put it on the timeline....

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Submitted by JoeInSF on

I scoured the website, but they haven't posted this specific story.
The story was on the Friday night news. I'll call the station tomorrow and request that they post the clip, or provide a transcript.

Submitted by lambert on

We know a topic is going viral when it starts cropping up in unexpected places from unexpected people.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Back when I was a news monitor one of my stations was KRON. I always liked it over the rest that I did, it was the highlight of my day, intelligent reporting not just morning show fluff, and its a LOCAL local station, not affiliated with any of the Big 3(ABC, CBS, NBC).

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

One and only comment to the recent Reuters item says:
"Accounting gimmickry at its finest. Yet the main stream media loves encouraging irresponsible behavior." (Jan 05, 2013 6:38pm EST -- Report as abuse)

I'd like to report this not as abuse but as dishonesty. For failing to concede (at a minimum, and granting for purposes of argument only the premise that the PPC is "accounting gimmickry") the colossal accounting gimmickry that is the portrayal and treatment of the federal purse as a "houshold budget" subject to double-entry bookkeeping and the toxic myth of a "debt ceiling", in view of the undeniable FACT that the US is a sovereign with the power to issue fiat money.

The overt and shameless dishonesty of Shill-dom is really starting to get on my nerves.