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Two of My "Tweets" Offended RT Live. I Can't Imagine Why.

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I suppose these remarks could be considered not particularly constructive, but deserving of "banning?"

The one about the New Mexico Democrats was in response to Johnson bragging that 2/3's of the Democrats in New Mexico voted for him (for Governor). That was after he expounded on being the equivalent of 'a severe fiscal conservative.'

The second Tweet observes that "it took a Russian network to present the debate,." I thought that Tweet was fairly innocuous.


In my defense, I just figured out tonight how to use a "hash tag" to participate in a live Twitter feed. Guess I'd better learn to keep my sarcasm to myself. LOL!

Oh well--Live and Learn.

UPDATE: The Tweet below made it through the "censors." Seriously, I believe that there may have been "human censors" involved, since I sent approximately 5-6 Tweets that went through (no snark), then the two above back-to-back--with snark, which never showed up in the RT Twitter Feed. Just minutes ago, I sent this last Tweet below, which clearly contains no snark, and it showed up in several seconds.

Go figure.


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With no knowledge of the system involved, I'd guess it was a technical glitch. If it was actually a person who decided not to allow them, it must've been a case of exceptional incompetence, because neither of them would be offensive either to RT or its audience.

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posting a Tweet that I sent after the two that never showed up on the Twitter feed. Since all of my 5-6 previous "non-snark" Tweets showed up, and this last "non-snark" Tweet showed up, as well, it sure appears to me that there is "human censorship" going on.

As I posted in my Quick Hit, maybe it's because they're a "foreign concern"--that is, if they really are. With multinational media corporations, who knows anymore.

Anyway, guess the "lesson learned" is to err on the side of caution. I'll have to leave my "snark hat" at home, next time.

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I thought my "3-Tweet Presentation" was an ironclad indictment of RT. ;)

Seriously, you and YM are much more savvy than I in these matters. So I'll accept the explanation that it was likely just a "glitch."

[Think I'll leave off the "snark" when participating in a Twitter Feed from now on, though.]