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Unions Will Lead Charge To Implement 'Obama Plan To Win On Fiscal Cliff'--The Ed Show Video [06:34]

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[Hat Tip to Mr. Alexa, again, for finding The Ed Show video.]

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Obama uses working-class union rank-and-file members to lead drive for austerity measures.

ED SCHULTZ: The President is planning to barnstorm the country. To go directly to the American people, and this time around, labor is prepared to launch an all-out effort on the air and on the ground, to backup the President's position.

For once, I am truly speechless.

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“If a dog won’t come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” -- Woodrow Wilson

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Submitted by athena1 on

"A Christmas Carol" is seeming entirely more profound to me nowadays. I think Dickens might have been snarking on the old 1%ers, saying it would take a supernatural miracle to cure their Raging Asshole Disease. I wonder what Ayn Rand thought of that book?

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Submitted by athena1 on

We should reach out to teachers. Not the union leadership, but actual teachers. They're PISSED, IME.

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Submitted by athena1 on

IME. :)

I don't know any teachers who are part of the apologencia, even though they're liberal.

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Submitted by Rangoon78 on

Labor bullish after talks with Obama | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is trailed by reporters as he departs the White House…

[Insert photo of Neville Chamberline presser]

The meeting, which included top Obama economic advisers like Gene Sperling and White House chief of staff Jack Lew, came a day before the president was to hold similar talks with CEOs from major companies including American Express, General Electric, Ford Motor and PepsiCo. One participant described Obama as being in "listening mode" and said the president's final negotiating position would depend in part on what he hears from the executives.

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Submitted by nomad2 on

Need a rhetorical hook to capture the imagination of the liberal base in order to mobilize them. Something similar to what the right did with the pejoration of the term "entitlements".

Submitted by jawbone on

actual letters to them, LTE's, smoke signals, whatever might get their attentkion. Faxes, if possible, to fill up their fax machines?

What else?


Tell them we'll leave the Dem Party (for any still registered as Dems) if they go through with the cuts to SocSec/Medicare?

Supposedly Medicaid, as part of Obama's plan for his health insurance profit protection plan, is somewhat immune, but....

Get a real De-Register from the Dem Party movement going? HOW?

Submitted by hipparchia on

that worked

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Silly me, I thought The Nation editors and labor leaders were going to make him NOT do it. Boy what a dummy. "Make him do it" meant "make him cut social safety nets " (which will primarily effect women, by the way).

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Submitted by wuming on

If they do this it will destroy the credibility of the unions with their membership. This is like PASOK selling out the Greeks.

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Submitted by athena1 on

With the exception of the mighty electrical workers union (as far as I know), which has stood strong, most of the union LEADERSHIP has been sold out for a while.
Nothing can beat the teachers union head person giving a speech after a severely anti teachers union movie at (I think it was) the DNC, tho.
I think the whole concept of what unions are supposed to be will need to be rebuilt.

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Submitted by Alexa on

someone "clue-in" these rank-and-file union members?

This is beyond cynical to "use them" to pass austerity measures. Just heard Nancy Pelosi from earlier today.

She (like McConnell earlier today) are actually talking as though they are selling a jobs bill. Which in a perverse way, they are. Since they're gutting the social safety net programs, so there's more money to throw at privatizing schools (education), infrastructure and research and development (R&D), since they clearly aren't willing to stop the war machine in order to pay for these projects.

Then, after we persuade the unions NOT to shill for Obama, they need to be persuaded to disband, and reorganize as a "Working Families Party."

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Families would probably"sell" better. As to unions, remember when George Meaney really backed Nixon instead of McGovern by remaining neutral in 1972? And long before that, Union leaders have been making Grand Bargains/Betrayals with the company bosses for decades. Only the I.W.W. fought for more free time rather than higher wages. Wages and employment can still be controlled by the employers. Leisure time is harder to control although with the commercialization of leisure like football games, many Americans are controlled without really knowing it.

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Submitted by Alexa on

the other came to mind because NY state has a political party by that name.

But, personally, I don't like any type of policy, etc., that marginalizes folks without children (like Medicaid and TANF does).

I can't imagine that our society considers a childless adult to somehow be a "lesser person."

Yeah, and to your other comment. Listening to John Nichols (The Nation) right now. He's sickening in his duplicity, speaking about how Bowles-Simpson is "a really bad proposal," but going along with supporting this Administration, hook, line and sinker. (He's on Ed Schult's radio program.)

Bernie Sanders--the same. If I get a chance, he was on C-Span this morning, and as usual, IMO, is playing "both sides against the middle." He speaks of a rally against deep cuts today, but always frames his concerns as though "the Republicans are the enemy, and totally responsible for eviscerating "entitlements" (snark intended with usage of that word).

As far as I can tell, we will be hip deep in Kabuki Theater over the next six plus weeks. We've got to be sure and "call this Administration, and all politicians and progressive groups, on it," when we see it.