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were some way we could take these fucking assholes by the balls and swing them from a high tree.

And that includes Nancy Pelosi, too.

The Bush administration comes up with a genius idea to make one last wild grab of the ducats, and who the fuck gets right in bed with them tight and cozy from the very get go but our heros, the Neuw Demonrats, the Obamacrats. They watched the Republicans sit atop piles of riches for way too long to allow this golden opportunity to get even to pass them by. And the Bushies said, "Here, let us show you how it's done, and we can all split it." And the ones who are left out and really pissed this time? Yeah, Bush's ex best friends, the guys who gave him everything he asked for during eight incredibly long years. Of course, by the time it is all over, everyone will have made up and become (very wealthy) friends again.

Post partisanship sure is rich. Especially when the sand box is the U.S. Treasury. Pail and shovel anyone?

** Don't get mad. Get even. We really need to figure that one out.