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Using the massacre of children at Sandy Hook as a diversionary tactic....

.. to gut Social Security and kill old people is about as disgusting and vile... Well, as disgusting and vile as I expect Obama's rump faction of the PFKD* to be. I mean, Jeebus, why not put Joe Biden in charge of special super-duper cat food cat food prevention programs, too.

Funny how fast the career "progressives" jumped on that bandwagon, isn't it? Never let a crisis go to waste!

NOTE * PFKD Party Formerly Known as Democratic. And like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, the PFKD needs a new symbol. How about a steaming pile of crap?
UPDATE Since Obama had been steadily expanding "rights" for gun nuts until recently, we can leave morality and justice and public purpose and notions like that out of the equation, as always with Obama (see under Occam's razor). Ditto tearz ("He took his shirt off!") I think this is a straight forward political calculation: White middle class parents with kids for 2014 and after. That's it. That's all it is. Answering Glenn Greenwald's question.
UPDATE Adding, It's Obama's very special genius to take a minimal good and turn it to a larger bad purpose. Hence, "Look! Over here!" on an assault weapons ban, while the New Deal is gutted (ultimately killing a lot more people (but not in Obama's base, and probably not now, so f*ck 'em if they can't take a joke)). Just to pre-empt Obama fans yammering about "What about the childrenz?!"


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Right now on Sirius Left Radio on The Mark Thompson Show, Markos is mad at the president and Dems on one side of his mouth and then defending them because what else can they do?  It's a long process don't you know.  And ....drumroll ...we have to keep electing better Democrats.  Just look at the awesome new dems like Tammy Baldwin. 

On the positive side, he got a couple really irate callers who called out the Dems as Vichy collaborators and phoney liberals.