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Vastleft's American Extremists: In Greenwald's take on Obama's likely reversal on trying KSM

The Washington Post is reporting that Obama has decided Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not have his day in court: Too dangerous to national security and the safety of our troops. So it looks like continued detention for KSM.

Glenn Greenwald notes this disappointing action by Obama, but he focuses of how Obama's supporters will most likely react. Given previous flip flops, the Democrats who had been praising Obama's strong and meritorious stands for the rule of law and supporting the Constitution will flip with Obama. Suddenly they will find the arguments made by the right against Obama's earlier stand and actions to be just fine, since Obama himself will be using them.

Greenwald finds this extremely disappointing and uses one of Vastleft's cartoons to further illustrate what's going on. (First update)

Good read. Good points.

Great that Vastleft's work is getting exposure to a nice sized new audience.

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Submitted by libbyliberal on

Great toon, vl.

jawbone, Obama as evil-mongering "Hamlet on the Potomac" (J. Turley called him that from the beginning, Hamlet) ... everyone can rot in jail as he procrastinates justice.

And the apologists stopped critical thinking capacity long ago as well as a little thing called EMPATHY! Oooodles of empathy for Obama apparently, for tortured literally or figuratively human beings, not so much!

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Submitted by Jeff W on

I saw it in Glenn's column at Salon before popping over here and, yeah, it definitely is cool!

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Submitted by votermom on

I really enjoy your pithy talking heads-- I'm glad more people will get to see them too!