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Americans Abroad with Canadian Health Care: Can't Go Home

Commenter Kat at this Matt Yglesias post on Think Progress posted a link to her video on the good and the bad of having Canadian health care. The good: no bankruptcy, no run arounds, no denials of care. The bad: She misses living close to her family, especially as her parents are growing older.

Matt responds to Jon Cohn who laments progressives are not more active in support of...uh...the Obama health care...uh...something...or other.

...those most full of passionate intensity on the other side are basically prepared to oppose reform sight unseen. But without knowing much about what the content of “reform” is or who it is who’s backing “reform” it’s hard to know what to say about it. At the moment, progressives are simultaneously trying to impact the shape of “reform” (reasonable public option, reasonably generous subsidies and minimum benefits packages) while also trying to push for “reform” to win out against the opponents of “reform.” (My emphasis)

Matt does seem to think he knows what the plan should be--and is missing that it must be Medicare for All.

MEDICARE FOR ALL...with a Robust Private Option!

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At least it plays, but...kinda too wide.

Watching this makes me so happy for the people involved -- and so sad we don't have a Canadian style Medicare for All program.

What is wrong with our political leaders? Bought outright by corporatism?

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Look in the HTML and find this for example; values may vary:

1. width="560px" (possibly just width="500")

2. calculate this ratio: 500/560.0 = 89.2%

3. Find the TWO width="560px" and change to width="500px"

Now do the same thing for the height; values may vary

4. height="450px", say.

5. 450 * 89.2% = 401

6 Find the TWO height="450px" and change to height="401px"

You are doing this because Corrente's width is 500px, and it's best to keep the height in proportion.

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of the embed code at the very end (edit the code in your post)

allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340">


allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="255">

for example

you don't need to change the numbers for first appearance of 560 x 340

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while I was typing. I was making it 75% size, bec. wasn't sure about Corrente width

But, same point

clicking on YT, it is 560

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Although I did it the lazy way and just changed the width to 500. I didn't mess with the height because I find it doesn't make that much difference. If it bugs you though, fix the height, too.

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in youtube, anyway. plus, more fun!

go to the youtube page for the video you want to embed [you can double-click the video if it's in another webpage and that will open the video in its own youtube page]

1. on the right hand side, there's a little blue sorta star-shaped thingy, that, if you hold your mouse pointer over it, says 'customize'. click this little blue thingy [i circled it in red in the screenshot below].

2. when you click the customize button, the window expands, and you can choose from among 4 pre-set sizes and 9 color combinations for the border around your video. click the smallest size [in this example], 480x295 [i circled it in red], for use at corrente [this will be 480 pixels wide and 295 pixels tall]. pre-set sizes vary, depending on whether the video is high-definition or regular; the 2 sizes that will work in most places are the 425x___ and 480x____. the sizes change a little bit if you click the 'show border' box.

3. copy the code in the embed box [i circled it in red] and paste it into your post. the embed code will contain the size you chose, and the color scheme too, if you selected one.

here's a video:

with the following size [445x364] and color scheme [orange, show border]:

have fun!