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Volcker Asserts US Must Trim Living Standard [The New York Times, October 17, 1979]

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[Hat Tip Radio Show Host Thom Hartmann For Mentioning This Article Several Years Ago--Finally Found It!]

Just thought that it might be of interest. Today's "Grand Bargain" is just the culmination of years of planning by Washington's elite to lower Americans' standard of living.

Volcker Asserts US Must Trim Living Standard - NYT 10-18-1979

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ta dah!-- those of in the lower income quintiles. Not the top and never, never, ever the tippy top Zero Dot One and up.

But, indeed, that was Reagan's thinking, and, of note, it is the thinking of our current president who believes St Ronnie was the most transformative president he knew of.

And he wants to out-transform him.


Freakin' great catch, Alexa.

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brought this up several years ago. Got lucky and found it when I searched again tonight.

Anyway, you're 100% correct. He is trying to "out Reagan, Reagan." I think that I've heard that his much vaunted biographical book, did this as well.

Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how he got elected the first time around. ;)