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A Wall Street Journal Blog Dares to Speak Truth

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Right before being silenced forever, the Wall Street Journal's "Environmental Capital" blog writes this post entitled Who's Afraid of a Clean Energy Future, which contains the following truth so blindingly obvious you will never read it anywhere in the MSCM:

The price that American drivers pay at the pump, frightening as it is these days, does not reflect the cost of oil and gasoline. There are additional costs to the reliance on oil that simply don’t show up in the twirling numbers at the gas pump, whether they are the environmental costs of oil extraction, transport and combustion, or the cost of U.S. military engagement to protect oil supplies and keep vital sea lanes open.

For economists, all these hidden costs are called “externalities.” They’re as real as they are hard to spot, from the Fifth Fleet’s operating expenses to the pernicious health costs of a coal-fired electricity sector.

The Wall Street fucking Journal..... Suck on that wingers.

All of this is true of course (and also rarely acknowledged), but the line that especially grabbed me* was this: "the cost of U.S. military engagement to protect oil supplies and keep vital sea lanes open." When was the last time you saw it really spelled out truthfully that way? Forget the WMD bullshit, the "protecting Kuwait" crap, the "War on Terror" crap, this is what it all boils down to: protecting our supply of oil and keeping the supply lines secure. Talk about your "subsidies".

Anyway, the very next post, So Long and Thanks For All the Fish in its entirety:

After more than two years and over 2,000 posts, Environmental Capital is closing its virtual doors.

It’s been, in equal measure, a fun, grueling, and educational ride.

Special thanks are owed to the folks who got it all started and kept it going—Mark Gongloff, Jeff Ball, and Russell Gold—not to mention all the Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal folks who fed the beast so well all this time.

Of course, the biggest thanks of all goes to our readers—both of you. You’re what got us out of bed in the wee hours every morning. Well, that–and the paycheck.

And you can still get your fix of environmental and energy news right here, at the WSJ Environment page and the Energy, Oil, and Gas page.

Yeah, I wonder why the plug got pulled?

* The "lede" if you will....

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The United States of American Denial have seen some pretty amazing lapses from reality, but this one takes the prize for the most astounding in my book. As a Bostonian of 32 years, I have been blissfully car-free for as much of my career as I could manage, which got much easier when Zipcar got going in 2000.
China just finished a year in which over 16 Million cars were purchased by Chinese, shattering all previous records set by the US for the most environmentally destructive trend ever in the history of mankind. This must make the End-Timers very happy, as it certainly will speed up our progress towards the extinction of all but the most robust microorganisms on earth. From the immortal words of Mazda marketers: Zoom, zoom zoom!