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Wanker of the day: CNBC "editor" Nik Deogun


CNBC’s “Rise Above” crusade ... has blanketed its airwaves and adorned its lapels since the day after the election with pleas for a solution to the so-called “fiscal cliff.”

Here’s editor Nik Deogun explaining the campaign: [I've helpfully annotated the wanky portions, where the "tell" is generally a dead metaphor --lambert]

The election is over, but the American economy will only be unleashed [fap] if we avoid the fiscal cliff [fap], pare our deficit and rise above partisan politics. On this point, nearly every business leader and investor who appears on CNBC has been consistent: The status quo leads to economic stagnation or worse; solutions could release powerful forces [fap fap] that propel [fap fap fap] the nation out of its post-recessionary funk [fap fap fap fap fap].

Politics and politicians can solve this crisis but they are now in the way*. For a deal to get done, we must rise above partisan bickering. For a deal to get done, they must move the public toward some form of sacrifice. That’s always been the spirit of America.

I thought epistemic closure only happened on FOX?

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At least wanker of the month!