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A self-licking ice cream cone in Oakland.....

No significant damage or impact, except to the narrative, of course.

NOTE Looks like the bail bonds business the black bloc trashed was locally owned. Anybody remember if OO made any commitment not to trash local businesses?

UPDATE Affinis finds this link but note the qualifications:

FTP March, Iteration 2, January 14, 2012 – Tactical Parameters

So, for this march, TAC is asking for the following:

NO DAMAGE TO PRIVATE PROPERTY of any kind — people’s cars, any Oakland businesses (especially small businesses – but the Starbucks that was hit last time actually gives free coffee and food to our vigil so we prefer to leave all of them out at this time).

Who knows what the parameters are now, though. I did a search on various permutations of "FTP March, Iteration, Tactical Parameters" and came up dry. There's nothing on the site. Ya know, might be a community building thing to let people know when OO is going to take issue with the concept of capitalism by smashing stuff; that way, people could get sent home early, maybe you could get a deal on plywood for the windows if you could do a little planning ahead, and so on.

UPDATE On OO site, this post and this response:

Very Discouraging
April 1, 2012 at 11:45 am.

Posted by Amanita

We are investigating numerous reports and instances of vandalism this morning following last night’s weekly Occupy Oakland related “FTP” march. ...

I know you’ll say these vandals are not part of Occupy, but unless you weed them out and refuse to allow them to march, this will continue. As you can see, they’ve attacked small businesses, as well as Wells and Clorox, two of Oakland’s biggest employers. Vandalism accomplishes nothing but trashing our city and costing the taxpayers money that should be going to schools, parks, libraries and so much more. We don’t want a large police presence deployed to downtown again. Please police these marches if you must continue to have them. There are better ways to spend your time doing useful things in Oakland and I’ll be happy to be specific, but if you must march, have zero tolerance for the vandals. It’s obvious who they are. Don’t protect vandals. It diminishes us all.

And the response:

I was not there last night; but in relation to your concern I would like to tell you that there are people that come to Oakland just to do vandalism. For example, on Moving Day (Jan 28) I saw four teenagers (3 boys and a girl shown in the photos linked below) doing graffiti on a building. I took some photos of them when leaving the area. I had never seen those kids before or after that day.

But, people who dress in black and cover their face can be anybody, including you, those teenagers, and the cops themselves that want to discredit the Occupy movement.

Amanita, please do not get discouraged so easily.

Comment on the comment: I don't think it's a matter of being "discouraged" (though for the record, I don't quarrel with Amanita's logic, though I do wish that NPR was not her first choice for listening pleasure).


1. OO explicitly permits violence (by not adopting a formal statement against it, as other Occupations have);

2. OO has no transparency of process, such that the rules of engagement for marches are not clear;

3. Black bloc violence advocates have a presence in OO;


4. "Young idealists" in black bloc costumes on an OO march smash stuff up

5. It seems quite natural to conclude that OO supported the smashing.

Of course, as the commenter points out, suburban wankers (assuming that to be a distinct category from black bloc) or agent provocateurs could have done the smashing, too.

But, ya know, the argument "I didn't do it! Somebody who looks totally like me did it!!" really doesn't to carry the day too often, because the incentives are so clear. At the very best, OO's created a clusterfuck where its own actions can't be distinguished from those of the police they claim to oppose; at the worst, it's black bloc doing its usual thing of combining violence with evasion.


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