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WaPo helps Libby defense team try for jury tampering

Republicans are such crooks:

From Brent Budowsky
February 18, 2007
To: Robert Kaiser, Washington Post

Mr. Kaiser, I am forwarding below the note I wrote to Messrs. Graham and Hiatt about Outlook's Victoria Toensing piece today.

With all due respect [snicker], I have long admired your work, but that piece today was the most egregious attempt at jury tampering that I have ever seen in this or any other town.

I spent six years at the core of the group writing the CIA Identities Law with its original sponsor, Senator Lloyd Bentsen. Setting aside my great differences with both Editorial and Op Ed pages at the Post on this case and Iraq in general, this piece was different. It was a clear attempt to influence the jury, after the defense rested and before the jury is given the case.

I predict the Judge will not be a happy camper, but beyond this, the piece was a shameless attempt to present a nullification defense to the jury, by an officer of the court who has worked for the Departement of Justice. It is attempt to bypass the judge and jury and present arguments to the jury, through the Post, that would not be admissable for law or fact, which also included factual inaccuracy.

This is the functional equivalent of the Post editorial board and the Libby defense team standing outside the jury room, handing the jurors leaflets, ignoring the judges instructions, and handing the jurors inadmissable evidence and telling them to vote not guilty.

I believe the Post owes its readers an alternate viewpoint, presented with the same visibility as Ms. Toensing's piece, though the ridiculing artwork will not be necessary and the tone of prosecution is more worthy of a second tier blog than the paper of record for this Capital.

Please, can we just keep Froomkins, Walter Pincus, and Dana Milbank, and bulldoze the rest of Pravda into the Potamac?

Sweet Jeebus, Firedoglake's live coverage was a hundred times more accurate and a thousand times more informed than WaPo's; and now WaPo's editors dive deep into the tank to protect Scooter, who's one of their own.

Tell me again why these guys are so well paid? And why they get the cocktail wienies and nobody else?

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Once thou HAST spoken "fuck" thou art dead unto ME and there shall be much tut-tutting and clutching of pearls, and lo! thou shalt NOT partake of the wienies but they SHALL be forbidden unto thee.

Thus spake Republican Jesus. And, hark, he DID change the Osama into the Saddam, and a heavenly chorus DID sing,

Let the eagle soar...

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!