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‘War on Terror’ Fig Leaf Now Being Used to Destroy Africa


Bill Van Auken of wsws writes:

The escalating war in Africa is neither about terror nor Al Qaeda. Time magazine succinctly outlined the real motives in Mali: “The dangers expand elsewhere, with huge oil reserves attracting Western companies to set up production across the vast Sahel. South of Algeria and Mali sits Niger, a dirt-poor desert country with the world’s fourth largest output of uranium, which supplies France’s crucial network of nuclear-power stations. East of Algeria is Libya, where a number of Western companies exploit some of Africa’s biggest oil reserves.”

This from Seamus Milne:

You'd think the war on terror had been a huge success, the way the western powers keep at it, Groundhog Day-style. In reality, it has been a disastrous failure, even in its own terms – which is why the Obama administration felt it had to change its name to "overseas contingency operations", until US defence secretary Leon Panetta revived the old title this week.

Instead of fighting terror, it has fuelled it everywhere it's been unleashed: from Afghanistan to Pakistan, from Iraq to Yemen, spreading it from Osama bin Laden's Afghan lairs eastwards to central Asia and westwards to North Africa – as US, British and other western forces have invaded, bombed, tortured and kidnapped their way across the Arab and Muslim world for over a decade.

So a violent jihadist movement that grew out of western intervention, occupation and support for dictatorship was countered with more of the same. And the law of unintended consequences has meanwhile been played out in spectacular fashion: from the original incubation of al-Qaida in the mujahideen war against the Soviet Union, to the spread of terror from western-occupied Afghanistan to Pakistan, to the strategic boost to Iran delivered by the US-British invasion of Iraq.

Once again there will be thousands and thousands of innocent human beings killed or their lives permanently shattered by the ruthless U.S. and its craven fellow bullying country cronies diabolically using the “War on Terror” as the “fig leaf” excuse to ramp up further violent corporate-driven profiteering imperialist invasions. Thousands and thousands of people in other countries will die along with our own betrayed troops being used as cannon fodder for corporate profits.

Life sure is cheap for our evil and vile matrix, the political military industrial medical security media complex.

Game continued on. The game of killing and robbing and regime changing for profit.

The lying “War on Terror”-exploiting/justifying countries, obscenely amoral, pretend humanitarian concern to protect foreign peoples from terrorists when, like in Syria, the United States is actually covertly enabling Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists to help with their regime-changing with no concern for massive civilian casualties. The reality of the levels of such inhumanity on the part of the US, NATO and other predatory countries is STAGGERING.

More US/NATO country violence to maintain order in Africa? Bullshit. Destabilization is the best friend of the US and NATO countries. Continuing on with the bogeyman AQ chase is just so convenient a cover for colonization, exploitation and political oppression of others.

Anyone with any working brain cells left from long-time exposure to the imperialists' ethical freakshows should know covert CIA efforts have since forever and continuing on promote civil strife to weaken regimes inconvenient and potentially profitable for the big US-NATO countries readying themselves for the ultimate big kill on their "country kill list." Look back at the string of country victims already that struggle with the horrors of our and NATO's intervening "help". As the ultimate take-over kills happen, the engineers and/or political puppets of such bloodbaths declare bullshit “humanitarian” motives and our compliant craven corporate media echoes the mendacity. As an unbelievable number of bobble-headed Americans invest blind trust in an administration pimped out to oligarchs expanding the carnage. Citizens so naive who believe the madness (MLK's word) is about our best interests and national security.

Colossal bullshit.

These colonizing war crime bloodbaths actually are jeopardizing our national security with the immediate and potential blowbacks. The costs of the war crimes are devastating our domestic economic welfare. The war crimes are also destroying the physical and psychological welfare of our troops.

How can we abide it?

These violent war crimes are explained by our mendacious leaders and the stenographic corporate craven media as necessary for “our” interests. Our interests? They say "our" interests but it is really the 1%’s interests. The financial/political criminal elite that is working with some of the most oppressive regimes of the world, like Saudi Arabia, to supposedly “protect democratic rights” of citizens and to faux-encourage the ripples of the Arab Spring when in reality they are joined in an effort not only to profiteer financially from struggling countries but to politically stomp out any possible civil energy inspired from the Arab Spring.

50 cents out of every American dollar it has been reported goes to support a military vilely out of control and the out-of-controllness exponentially expanding with every tragic, planet-razing, human-lives-destroying year.

Bloodbaths ‘R Us! We are the MONSTROUS AND MONSTROUSLY ARMED PROACTIVE TERRORISTS willfully and seemingly insanely inspiring mass numbers of smaller-fry reactionary terrorists allying against the imperialist nations (some who even were our operatives that we trained and armed before we betrayed them, along with more and more fresh ones whom we may temporarily recruit again -- the enemy of our enemy is our temporary friend until we demonize them once again) in the Middle East and now Africa.

Plunder and kill. Civilian casualties no biggie.

So, the NewsHour guests are talking about how the US and France are helping Mali tonight.


NewsHour guests are also talking about how women are being welcomed into combat equal to men. Jobs, jobs, jobs -- girls. Maybe death. Probably rape, from your fellow troops.

Your deranged, incompetently and amorally governed, anti-humanitarian country calls. If you don't take the bait, well, our government/military leaders, the REAL terrorists, still have their drones!

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responsibility = "ability to respond"!!!

would that the Obama administration had a molecule of it.

best, libby

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If Teh Evil Imperialists were after Niger's uranium (Which they already own: it is being mined by foreign, largely Frenchcorporations), why would they invade some neighbouring country instead of going for Niger? I don't approve of Westen policy towards Africa, but cut us some slack: the French (US is playing a minor role in this) are really there to fight the islamist rebels. There's a reason the Malians are glad the intervention happened.Project Honeypot indicates it came from a suspicious IP address.