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Warehouse Workers United wins back pay settlement from the thieving wingers of Walmart

Steve Cooper:

The California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has ordered a southern California warehouse responsible for labeling, tagging and packing apparel and shoes for retailers such as Wal-Mart to pay $1.1 million in back wages and overtime to 865 workers.  The company, Quetico, LLC, will also pay $200,000 in fines.  

The large warehouse in Chino, California has been cited for multiple violations by various agencies in the past year including unsafe working conditions and retaliating against workers who asked for back pay.  For warehouse workers nationwide it is a victory that can hopefully be replicated elsewhere:

“Quetico is strict when it comes to enforcing its rules with workers so it is only fair that the state enforce the laws that the company broke,” said Abraham Guzman, a warehouse worker who has been at Quetico for about two and a half years. “I am satisfied that the law will now be followed and workers have won justice.”

Throughout 2012 the workers were assisted by the Warehouse Worker Resource Center, an advocacy organization that works with Warehouse Workers United.  WWU received complaints that workers in the Quetico warehouse were not being paid for time worked, were being forced to work on their lunch breaks, and had their time cards manually changed by management to show less hours worked. These illegal adjustments were then chalked up to “faulty warehouse time clocks.” [lovely!]*

Those who complained had their pay restored but only after receiving a warning.  After three warnings they were fired.  According to Guadalupe Palma, a director with Warehouse Workers United,

“Workers face particularly egregious working conditions at Quetico.  Workers were routinely punished if they asked to be paid for the time they worked [Slaves are so much easier to manage!]. Many workers opted not to receive the pay they were owed just to keep their jobs.”

Warehouse Workers United has been at the center of the recent wave of protests against Wal-Mart and the abuses that occur in their subcontracted supply chain.  Representatives of WWU are pleased with the outcome in Chino but have their sights set on Wal-Mart itself being held responsible for the abuses that happen in the warehouses that provide their goods.

Awesome. Really good news. More like this please!

NOTE * Any metric the elite control, they fake.

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