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Warning: offensive content (NSFDU)

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For the last few weeks, I've used the following image in my Democratic Underground signature:

Today, I received this note from a DU moderator:

The moderators find your current signature line to be offensive and not in keeping with the goals of the site. We are requesting that you remove it.

I replied thusly:

As you are the mods, I will change my sig line, but it's mindblowing that you could term it "offensive."

Me, I find the Af-Pak surge, the corporatist health-care bill (crafted in outrageous defiance of promises for an "open and transparent process that considered all options"), the preference for Wall Street over Main Street, and the continuation/expansion of Bush's assault on the Constitution offensive. But what do I know, I'm just a dirty hippie.

My new sig:

All currently elected Democrats are the best Democrats. Do not think of criticizing them, nor challenging them in the primaries. They are perfect, and they own your votes and fawning support without question.

No doubt, the Democratic Party is well-served by the philosophy of discouraging dissent from lifelong Democrats who realize that their habitual party is pissing away a rare and vital opportunity to save the United States from the disastrous policies that have held sway in America since at least the Reagan Revolution.

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Submitted by madamab on

On the other hand, it is called "Democratic" Underground, not "Liberal" Underground. I guess technically, it makes sense that they would self-identify as Democrats, not liberals.

Sort of makes the whole "Underground" thing rather misleading, though.

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Submitted by vastleft on

My agenda at DU is to get DUers to be willing to criticize Obama when he's wrong, to recognize that the Democratic Party (Obama in particular) disregards and disrespects the liberal base, and to consider a primary challenge in 2012.

Submitted by lambert on

Was it the words, the shirt, or the combination of the two? Suppose you obscured the slogan on the shirt. Would that be offensive?

Reminds me of a wonderful line from Dracula, I believe, in the old Marvel Tomb of Dracula: "Crime? His very possession of life is his crime!"

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Submitted by vastleft on

I checked the site rules before using that as my sig and saw no reason I couldn't do it.

For example, I was wondering if an ad or something ad-like was forbidden, and there was no such rule that I could find.

Seems clear to me that harshing the Obamamellow in an actionable way is what they found "offensive."