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We can't afford not to have single payer

Excellent summary from KimChurry:

For those who claim single-payer is expensive and/or less effective than the current for-profit system, it’s worth noting that the US currently pays twice as much as any other industrialized nation for healthcare (over $7,000 per capita) and that over one third of all healthcare dollars are spent in needless bureaucracy generated by the “efficient” private sector (source). In spite of all this the US still lags far behind countries like Canada and the UK (which have national care systems) when it comes to health issues such as life expectancy, equity and evenness of care, information technology, and overall quality of healthcare. And don’t even start with that long-discredited canard about “waiting times in Canada“. Recent studies show we have longer wait times, too.

For those who are still stuck in the McCarthy era and tremble at the very mention of “socialized” medicine, I would point out that single-payer is actually not “socialized” at all. “Single-payer” means public funding but private delievery. In other words, you get all the efficiency of the free market but the government picks up the tab (hence the label, “single-payer”). Really, it’s the best of both worlds.

For those who claim we can’t afford it, here’s a simple yet elegant solution: cut our defense spending (which currently is greater than the rest of the world combined) in half. Redirect that money into healthcare. It’s not like the obscene military budget is helping us “win” our multiple wars around the globe, and given whom our purported enemies are, there’s little use in boondoggles like the $2.5 billion Virginia class subarmine. Thanks to the mentality of the military-industrial complex, defense budget is designed to combat an enemy who has quite literally ceased to exist. We can re-direct this money toward the health of our own citizens without even needing to raise taxes.

Can't add a lot to that, except to say Yay! Linky goodness!

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I've more to say (and photos! from today's rally in NYC) but having the case laid out so nicely saves me a whole boatload of research.

We can't afford not to have single-payer!