If you have "no place to go," come here!

What are your favorite undiscovered blogs?

Besides The Mighty Corrente Building, of course.

I'd like your thoughts, because I'm doing the Blog Round-Up over at C&L next week, and I don't want to be linking to blogs everybody already knows about. Readers?

I thank you. The hamsters thank you.

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If you want to mention your own blog, use a sig!

But please! Give other people some glory, eh?

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That's OK - I sometimes do political topics, but I'm not really a political blogger.

For your consideration: Watching Those We Chose is a relatively new groupblog written by veterans of Kevin Drum's comment pages. There's a lot of focus on Senate and Congressional races, and they've been savage on the Middle East war. (Full disclosure: I make infrequent contributions there as well.)

The best blogger nobody knows about is Tom Hull, and he doesn't seem to care. A former Village Voice writer, Hull's is one of the few places I read (apart from here, of course) where I learn something new every time I visit. Unfortunately, Hull doesn't accept comments, and does little to promote himself. Maybe he feels he had enough of the limelight during his Voice days.

...for the rest of us

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OK Drifty... but he only writes 3-4 times a week. Carpetbagger Report has some of the best insight on the interwebs and he posts many times each day, he also posts on C&L and TPM on weekends...I luvs me some Larry Johnson at No Quarter...Zaius Nation may be the best at linking music and politics and new media and he's just darned funny. Marcy at TNH may actually be the most incisive writer who follows all the arcania of the Bush Admin as anyone IRL or on the net. I love the ASZ and First Draft. Seeing the forest usually has a great story arc of this admin. Rogers, at Kung Fu Monkey has some great stuff on Hollywood and politics. There's always the good Roger Ailes...Pensito Review, Rising Hegemon and Vast left-wing Conspiracy, all great places. I love Sadly, No. And Down with Tyranny. Scholars and Rogues are great also. DebkaFile, IraqSlogger and Juan Cole are great mostly newsy sites, but they all scare me. They each in their own ways prove to me where and how our government is lying and lacking.

So sorry I listed sooo many... but please understand these are only a few of the regular sites I visit and why I visit them. I'm not even touching on the FDL's and Glen Greenwalds in my fav places listings. I'm trying to give some of the lesser popular sights I visit a boost, why give a boost to a known webiste? Right?

There's a few I didn't mention.. Arthur Sibler writes beautifully, but he scares me and makes me madder than I usually am. And there's this kid stationed in Iraq who blogs, or did at The Calm Before the Sand, he also writes amazingly well, and I hope like hell he survives this regime and can publish his account of this war. And the most ephemeral and egaliactic Riverbend, writing at Bhgdad Burning,, she too is most eloquent and personable...

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I want undiscovered blogs. Like--to use bringiton's metaphor--that little restaurant you don't tell anybody about because it's too good.

The Carpetbagger is great, Baghdad burning, all are great -- but we already know that....

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Military blogs.

Music blogs.

Art blogs.

Food blogs.

We all have lives beyond electoral politics, fortunately.

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alif sikkiin (eclectic, not always political, but always thoughtful and interesting)

the angry arab (actually, this blog is pretty famous if you hang around the arab-centric blogosphere)

the arabist network (ditto)


bark bark, woof woof

the black iris (written by a jordanian 20-something who just finished college in canada)



fables of the reconstruction (also not that obscure, except that it's only really well-known if you're into following central asia)

coeruleus (aka "she flies with her own wings")

the tattered coat (or at least it is one of my favorites when matt bothers to write a friggin' post)

a view from iran (actually, this is a little late. it used to be a blog by an american and her iranian husband living in iran. but now they've moved to the u.s. i expect it still will keep its honest appraisal of iranian society)

waiting for dorothy (an eclectic mix of law, homo and general snarkiness)

the yellow doggerel democrat

but in terms of sheer awesomeness, i can't recommend rubber hose highly enough. it doesn't always make sense and the writing is often sloppy, but that upyernoz guy sure is brilliant!

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Blogs that aren't about electoral politics?

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1% More Conscious
A bunch of teachers and friends with too much time on their hands in the summer. Runs the gamut from high brow to humorous to raging. Though, one out of the four writers is a far right wingnut. Nobody is perfect, eh?

The Field Negro
One of the strongest voices in the AfroSphere(or AfroSpear, either way seems correct to the members?), IMHO. Expect some very thoughtful in your face commentary, opening doors to conversations that aren't being had enough in the Blogosphere, and the comment threads and regular commenters add even more to the Blog.

The Strange Death of Liberal America
Wow!... No... Seriously. Just outfricken-standing writing and thoughtful commentary. My only problem is that the Blog isn't updated enough!

OK... The next Blog is just another Blog among millions of them out there.
Drinking Liberally in New Milford
It's my Blog, and it is an honest Blog with all of the words, links, blockquotes, facts, videos, pictures and opinions that everyone else has. Occasionally I do something right and sitemeter goes berzerk, BUT, even more important, is that occasionally I get an Email from a local that discovers the Blog from a link saying "Cool! Who knew there was a local Blogger?" which makes it all seem worthwhile.

The Field Negro
One of the strongest voices in the AfroSphere(or AfroSpear, either way seems correct to the members?), IMHO. Expect some very thoughtful in your face commentary, opening doors to conversations that aren’t being had enough in the Blogosphere, and the comment threads and regular commenters add even more to the Blog.

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i don't know how i missed brendan in my above list of recommendations. his site definitely belongs on the list.

Hard question, given if I'm reading them, they generally count as discovered, at least to me.

Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes, always a fun read

and I think the guys at American Footprints deserve more recognition for their excellent work.

And of course there's my own blog, which I can safely say remains widely unread. Of course, there's always the possibility when talking about one's own writing that there may be good reason for that

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Pageflakes (a feed of many blogs and sites--civil rights, equality, diversity, etc)


Culture Kitchen

Doug Ireland (worldwide glbt stuff usually)

Billerico Project (new/expanded glbt blog)

Watching America (a daily collection of foreign news links of us and our actions)

Giornale Nuovo (old art and illos and history, etc--don't miss that blogroll either)

And most importantly: whenever Skippy recommends or says hello to a new blog, i make a point to visit. His blogroll is the absolutely best place for new voices too, i think.

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...but I'm a link collector and these are just a tiny number from my collection. But you asked for it, so now you've got em':

Mojo's Blog (nutty buddy of mine)

The Assimilated Press

Irregular Times (News Unfit To Print)

Kathleen Connally's Photoblog (beautiful pics)

The First Church of Common Sense

Cannabis and the Christ (oh yes he DID! Its in the bible)

The Daily Redundancy

The View from Number 80

Beware of the God

Atlanta Progressive News

Princess Sparkle Pony (obessed over Condi)

Musings of a Working Mom (Soccer Moms Speak Out!)

She Should Run (Getting Women Into The Race)

All Hat No Cattle

I Blame The Patriarchy


Box Turtle Bulletin

Comment Is Free

Freedom To Marry

Susie Bright's Journal (Sometimes NSFW. Okay most of it is NSFW)

Pissed On Politics

Biblical Errancy (Allt you need to argue with Fundies)

firstly, thanks to amberglow for the kind words. i always try to give new blogs a shout out.

a couple of great ones i like

bearwaller hollar

man eegee

the group news blog, the blog of some friends of steve gilliard who are trying to carry on his work

linkmeister who doesn't get enough credit or traffic

the galloping beaver, a great canadian progressive blog


new pair o dimes

the reaction

and one of my all time favorites cap'n dyke, lesbian pirate queen

all of these blogs are under-appreciated and could use some publicity!

i second the motion for upyernose, pissed on politics, waiting for dorothy, scriptoids, steveaudio (he's great), watching those we chose, bark bark woof woof, feministing and dependable renegade (tho imho, those last two are pretty well known compared to the others...steveaudio, who blogs at huffpo, may also fall into that "well known but not appreciated enough" category).

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I mean Skippy, for being a champion for the Long Tail blogs. And for railing against the accomodationists. Or whatever they're called.

And props to Deb of Debsweb who I just met today.

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my favorite witty political commentaries, namely alicublog and doghouse riley, but then again, maybe i buzzed through the now-extensive list way too fast...

Thanks everyone for excellent exposure of worthy writing. And just when I was not having enough time in my life for a daily blog meander.