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What happens when you advocate for "health insurance exchanges"?

The other legacy party takes your neo-liberal idea and uses it to try to privatize Medicare. Pravda:

Starting in 2022, Ryan also would end Medicare as an open-ended entitlement for new retirees and begin slowly raising the age of eligibility from 65 to 67. Instead of getting government-paid benefits, new retirees could choose a private policy on a newly established Medicare exchange. The government would pay “premium support” worth about $8,000 directly to the selected insurance provider, with the wealthiest retirees receiving about a third of that amount.

Thanks Ds, you suck. And thanks, career "progressives" -- and especially you, Jane -- because you suck, too.

I mean, Ryan just turned Medicare into a "public option" and now you've got nothing to say! Although, I grant, watching the contortions should be interesting....

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by the millions of people who'll die before age 67! Maybe Ryan should make the eligibility age 77. That would really enhance the cost effectiveness.

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This idiot phase of politics will only last for a few more years. By then the insurance companies will have dis-insured another 30 million people and we will have 80,000 deaths per year due to lack of insurance. At that point, the truth will be obvious to any but the most insane and we will have Medicare for All.

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will have to suffer and die needlessly before that happens. This isn't unpredictable, like a tsunami following a mega-earthquake. More like a death sentence for innocent people.

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R2P, babeeee!

Surely, if we're on board with R2P (Responsibility to Protect), we'll need to sign on to a Security Council Resolution requiring, oh, no-kill zones (ie, the entire US) which will allow flights into this country without restriction of doctors and health care professionals from...Cuba is closest, right? And Canada can sell us necessary prescription drugs at far lower cost than our leaders make their citizens pay. Other benevolent nations which face up to their responsibility to protect their own peopl will have free range in this nation to create demonstration projects of how health care is done well, for actual CARE, not just rampant profit.

Once they have stabilized the population in terms of health care needs, then certainly some international organization will remain to ensure our leaders don't return to their evil and life threatenting ways.

I'm IN!

(For that, not for Obama....)

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When Jon Walker compared the Ryan plan to Obamacare, completely glossing over the obvious PO comparison, I knew the spiked club would be swinging in these parts.

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One of Jon's commenters (drweevil to be precise) suggested that and I think its dead on. Its catchy with (as Kissinger would say) the added benefit of being true.

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"Obamacare for Seniors" is a tactically clever slogan for the purposes of attacking Ryan, since everyone hates Obamacare, for either sane (Medicare for All advocates), insane (right wingers), or hopelessly garbled (PO enthusiasts) reasons.

But lambert is pointing out that in truth, the Ryan plan most closely resembles HCAN's faux-progressive wet dream of Obamacare.

The sour irony is that sincerely progressive PO advocates felt that any PO could serve as a step toward Medicare for All, clapping their ears and yelling "La, La!" when presented with arguments why the PO plans actually under consideration would actually serve as impediments toward that goal.

Now the Rethugs have turned the PO advocates' argument on its head, demonstrating how a PO can, if anything, serve as a stepping stone to privatization of the one national single-payer system actually in place in the US (apart from the VA).

I wish I could share letsgetitdone's view that Medicare for All will prevail once things go sufficiently to shit. I think desperation and adversity can just as likely breed more irrationality, not less.

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between Ryan's plan and Obama's, and he said it was done deliberately to make it either difficult for Dems to criticize Ryan's plan for Medicare. Doing so would either point out the problems with Obama's profit protection plan OR Dems would end up having to defend What Obama Hath Wrought.

Politically brilliant, actually. I've been noticing that the criticism is more pointed from Dems about the Medicaid part and more general about Medicare. So far.

Ugly for the overall health of people in our nation.

Weisman was a guest on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC, giving first impressions of Ryan's plan.

Today, on Lehrer's Show, Anthony Weiner pointed out how much more expensive private insurance is than Medicare, which, of course, applies to Obama's profit protection plan as well (as Weiner pointed out during the run up to voting for the damn plan).

Note: The links go to audio with recap and comment after 1PM of the day of broadcast, but the Weisman segment doesn't have the recap and comments for some reason.