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What is our emotion?

After bidding the Corrente symposiastes who had flung themselves at his feet a courteous "Rise, my people!" Kevin asked an interesting question:

What is our emotion?

Meaning: It's clear that the Republican emotion is fear (and the hate that comes from fear). And they play on it very, very well. Right down in the lizard backbrain of a solid 30% of the American people. And that's before the Swiftboating and the attack ads begin.

Do we have an equivalent emotion that can work as well for us?

Hope? Post-coital bliss? (All suggested at the party, BTW) Sex? Sex, drugs, rock and roll?

What? Do we even have a lizard backbrain? (I certainly hope we do, or else we aren't going to be able to react to lethal threats by reflex...)

NOTE A tip of the Ol' Corrente Hat to anyone who gets the reference...

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