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What Riverdaughter said


We are assigned a Social Security number at birth. That’s when we enter into the social compact to make sure we all have something to fall back on in case some young 28 year old asshole banker gambles away our futures, or our working parent dies or we develop a chronic condition and can’t work. It’s sinful to take our money for decades, make promises based on actuarial data, take MORE money to cover a shortfall and then at the last moment, when there’s no way or time to make up the difference, pull the rug out from under a generation of Americans just so that we don’t raise taxes on the insanely wealthy.

But not raising taxes on the insanely wealth isn't the only advantage:

1. Future rental streams from a retirement system where "Social Security" is a "public option" in a "retirement marketplace."

2. Decreased liife expectancy a la Soviet Russia.

So what's not to like?

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