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What's Sully Doing Over at Snitchens', Anyway?

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Still recovering from getting stomped by Juan Cole and from a brutal hangover, Christopher Snitchens stopped by Hugh "Fever Swamps" Hewitt's radio show [DCOW] for a little teabagging.

Hugh graciously mentioned that Sully had constructed an alibi for Snitchens, who went ahead and admitted he was drinking anyway:

HH: ...By the way, Andrew Sullivan, writing on the web today, denounces this, and says he was with you when you wrote your piece about Juan Cole, and that you were stone cold sober.

CH: Well, good for Andrew. How nice of him. Yes, he was here yesterday at lunch, to have lunch, and I said can you hang us just a second while I finish this piece? Because I...and I added that I think you'll like it, because it finally shows what an idiot Juan Cole is. And well, I mean, I don't know about stone cold sober. I'm sure with Andrew, I must have had a drink to celebrate the piece. So he may be exaggerating that. And I can take a drink if I have to, but for some reason, my opponents think it's incredibly important to represent me as a falling down alcoholic.

Nah, the sweaty jowls and the Rings of Saturn under your eyes are a sign of aerobic fitness.

If you follow the spat you'll notice that these Briton Wingnut Propagandists have suddenly gained more expertise in the subtleties of Farsi than a Professor of Middle Eastern Studies. Remember how the Wingnuts suddenly became experts in typography overnight? I knew that you could.

CD remarked in comments to a previous post about a prior sliming of the Professor that his job at Yale is not in jeopardy because of some Wingnut screeching. I hope so.

Full disclosure: I'm well into my third vodka-citrus juice beverage this evening.


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