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What's with the dead deer on Dick Cheney's front lawn?


NY Daily News:

People passing by the vice president's residence over the weekend were shocked to see a dead deer on his lawn. "Who killed it!?" asked one horrified witness. "The deer has been there a while, because a friend E-mailed me earlier this morning to report the sad sighting. I just saw it myself, in a cab going down [Massachusetts Ave.]. I'm crying."

Coverage on this one has been pretty scanty, and there are some obvious questions to ask:

1. We're sure it was a dead deer, and not a horse's head dropped off by James Baker?

Assuming, arguendo, that the carcass was a dead deer:

2. Was the deer shot in the face?

3. Did they leave the dead deer on the lawn because the Naval Observatory doesn't have a mailbox?

4. Or did they leave the dead deer on the lawn because there's no room to hang the carcass down in the bunker?

5. How many legs did it have?

6. Was it tasty?

Readers, I'm sure there are other questions you can ask...

NOTE Original story, with really gross. insightful reader commentary, from Wonkette. With photos. Apparently, for Cheney, it was just another day at the orifice...

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