If you have "no place to go," come here!

Where are you, L'il Debbie?

little_debbieWe're waiting for you! But nothing so far...

But L'il Debbie does have a bio, in which we read:

In that capacity, she promotes public understanding of the newspaper and journalism.

Pshaw! That makes her sound like a management shill, for pity's sake. Contrast the definition in WikiPedia:

[An ombudsman] charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens. ...

This current model, sometimes referred to as an organizational ombudsman, works as a designated neutral who has high rank in an organization but is not considered management. Using an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) sensibility, an organizational ombudsman can provide options to whistleblowers or employees with ethics concerns, provide mediation for conflicts, track problem areas, and make recommendations for changes to policies or procedures, in support of orderly systems change. One particularly important function is to pick up "new things" --- that is, issues new to the organization. This is particularly important if the "new thing" is "disruptive" in the sense of requiring the organization to review and possibly improve its policies and procedures and structures.

Yeah, "disruptive" like the internet and blogs, where Little Debbie has been a miserable failure.

Please, Massuh Brady, can we have Michael Getler back?

UPDATE Ooh, here she is! Still stuck on local coverage. Kinda like the crazy Aunt up in the attic that nobody ever talks about.... No, but seriously, given her famous two year contract, it's probably best to minimize the risk any more damage to the Post's soiled reputation. Can we have Michael Getler back now?

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