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Wherein Dilbert becomes a conspiracy theorist.

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Scott Adams dons a tin foil hat after reading about minerals in Afghanistan.

Q. What is the new definition of "Taliban"?
A. Anyone who lives above a lithium deposit

As he says, "Our worst case scenario is peace. If war ends in Afghanistan, some subset of the Taliban would eventually become fantastically wealthy with the help of foreign mining operations."

Yikes. What would a Taliban billionaire spend his money on?

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Submitted by Elliott Lake on

all talking like the deposits there rightfully belong to Western developers. It's like they just "found" a murder victim and are taking her wallet, bemoaning that she never used the cash in it the way they would have, and indeed will now.

The Taliban thing is just cover for theft on a planetary scale, same as the cover used for going into Iraq. It's about the Benjamins (or Juniors ;) )--always has been.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

Don't tell me they're going to put Chimpy on a greenback of some denomination? I'd have to convert all my cash to euros or something.

I agree with you - a 'taliban' will suddenly be any brown person who stands to benefit from something a Western corporation wants.

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Yikes. What would a Taliban billionaire spend his money on?

same thing a Saudi billionaire would spend their money on

I don't think it is a conincidence that US and Euro politics took a sharp turn to the right after the 1973 oil boycott and price increase made them all billionaires.

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Submitted by Zolodoco on

I've been in my own world for a while now. It seems really disturbing to me that the immediate response, judging by the articles I've read, is to question how these resources can be exploited in a country like Afghanistan. MY first impulse is to wonder why they should be exploited at all. It's there; so what. Wouldn't it be nice to just leave the land alone and make do without more laptops and iPhones? There's also the underlying implication that such resource wealth is wasted on those backward barbarians. Clearly they don't have the sophistication needed to turn a chuck of their country into more stuff destined to become useless, polluting trash.