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White House comment line a rotten experience, no doubt deliberately

Thought I'd call the White House and let them know the "pivot" toward jobs was a transparent ploy that a child of six wouldn't believe. So:

202 456-1111

10:58AM "... our volunteer comment line operators are assisting other callers... "


"... you will experience silence while waiting..." [great metaphor for the entire Obama administration. And the callers don't even rate music?]


".... for additional information please visit and click on the contact link...." [they really want you to use the contact form on the White House site so they can direct your mail to some data mining program and then forget about it; the human contact is not important to them at all. And grabbing your Internet information is, no doubt, a bonus]


11:04AM [OPERATOR, scripted:] "... may I have your brief [operator's emphasis] comment for the President?"

All in all, a rotten experience, very reminiscent of what software companies do when they know they have to present the appearance of offering technical support, but actually want to force calllers to "check the website," which is both lower cost and allows no way for customers to hold them accountable for anything: The companies make sure the wait times are interminable, and make sure that the entire experience encourages the caller to hang up. Cabel weasels are excellent at this.

Anyhow, the lady who took my message -- who sounded a little stressed and, to be fair, didn't cut me off -- really perked up at the end of the call:

LAMBERT: Are you really a volunteer?


LAMBERT: They should pay you. This is a public service.

OPERATOR: Thank you!

And they should pay the operators; the White House comment line is a government program meant to serve citizens. Whose government is this, anyhow? Wait, don't answer that.

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Submitted by lambert on

"If those clowns in the White House think for a minute that we're going to be fooled by this 'pivot' to jobs I've been reading about, they should think again. After Obama put Medicare and Social Security on the table, he's not going to do that. Oh, and I'm never going to vote for a Democrat or a Republican again."

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If those volunteers live in DC, it would be nice to find out and interview them...

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

of three new NAFTA-like trade agreements would be laughable if they aren't going to kill more people in more than 4 countries. (But, that's a feature, not a bug)