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Why Cliches Are So Annoying

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Because despite being obvious and overly familiar, they are usual true.

Tinfoil Hat Boy called my attention, in comments to my post about Hillary and flag waving desecration, to a picture that is worth at least three times the number of words I expended on the subject.

Not surprisingly, the graphic is the work of Quiddity, the diagramming genuis behind the unique blog, uggabugga. In the guise of a campaign poster he manages to portray, with humor and embarrassing (to the subjects) accuracy what the likes of Hillary and Joe Lieberman are doing to themselves and to the Democratic Party.

Go look at it here; if you haven't visited uggabugga in a while, or not before this, check out the rest of the site, especially some of Quiddity's more notable previous posts, conveniently listed at the top of the page under the heading of "Entries of Interest."

Question for readers: what if we were to ask Quiddity if those of us who have scanners could reproduce the graphic in an email to be sent to Senator Clinton's office; I've yet to master what scanning can and cannot do, (haven't had the heart, as yet, to take out of its box the new printer/scanner/copier I purchased a month or so ago), so perhaps we could merely send an email that provides a link to the graphic, but it would be nice if her staff got at least a couple of such letters or emails which displayed the graphic so that they would know that a lot of voters who are part of the Democratic party base are deeply unhappy that Senator Clinton is wasting her time, energy, and credibility on such nonsense. (Lieberman has been a lost cause for some time now)

If your first instinct is to tell me that you've given up on Hillary, think again, and if you haven't read either my original post, or the interesting comments thread it provoked, perhaps you should.

For those of you who insist on seeing both Bill and Hillary Clinton as some sort of triangulating sell-out machine, at the heavy risk of sounding too emphatic, you are just plain wrong. Not only that, such insistence greatly damages the prospects for a genuine revival of a progressive, liberal Democratic Party. That, however, is a complex subject greatly in need of thoughtful discussion which I hope to provoke in a separate series of posts I expect to start publishing next week.

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