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Why did Hastert not preserve the chain of evidence on Foley's computer?

Xan (she's a Goddess) read to the end of the LA Times article and found pure gold:

As of late Monday, the FBI had not requested access to the computers in Foley's former congressional office.

The office has continued to operate, handling constituent requests and other routine chores, but under the auspices of the clerk of the House.

How odd. Because if the office is still operating, it's still using the office computers.

And with Foley emailing and IMing every underpage page with a twig and berries on the Hill, those computers could contain some very interesting evidence. Eh?

It would be irreponsible not to speculate that Hastert deliberately opened the way for someone, anyone, to scrub Foley's machines clean...

NOTE For my money--which is zero--Hastert knows that there are others involved. I won't say "Republican pedophile ring" but feel free to think it.

UPDATE This is another item on Glenn's list of things that need to be investigated.

UPDATE I called Foley's offices to check on his computers. The DC office answers, but gives a loud click, then silence. So I called his district offices. After all, a thorough investigation would look at any network and any computer that Foley potentially had access to, right?

At least at these two offices, which are open, the computers are "up and running." I'm making the assumption, I guess--my first reporter phone call ever!--that the FBI or the Florida police wouldn't have been able to seal the offices, and the staff replace all the computers, over the weekend:

Palm Beach County
4440 PGA Blvd, Ste 406
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

St. Lucie County
250 NW Country Club Dr
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986

Hmm. Now scrubbing files--that would take hardly any effort at all. How odd that in a computer-related criminal investigation, there are no visible computer forenics people in action...

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