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Why Don’t Keith, Chris, Larry, Rachel, et al. Care More Re Drones, Wiki Revelations, Exec Assass, Military Budget/Suicides,etc.?


“Game on!” according to Obama’s most insidious team of propagandists.

Most MSNBC political anchors are so very excited about Obama getting his mojo back. His poll numbers are climbing.

Russia nuclear negotiations sound good. Final end to DADT also is a splendid Obama-Dem talking point. On now to the Dream Act. Juicy progressive political capital can be made and so much is not just forgiven re Obama but incredibly FORGOTTEN.

Cherry-picked progressive issues are apparently enough to give the high profile team of MSNBC progressive -- supposedly -- media darlings serious momentum in doing battle with Republican sensibilities and talking points for the upcoming election cycle.

As for those of us on the far left, really not the far left, just REAL liberals, the buzz on MSNBC shows this week echoes the message that WE offer no serious threat to Obama, we of the “left flank,” said with nostrils flaring, often mentioned within the same sentences as the counterpoint “right flank”, which, they admit, is so much stronger and threatening to its respective party.

No serious challenge is coming from the left, they declare, leaking, themselves, no small sense of smug satisfaction and disdain. Certainly not worth any effort to explore us as a demographic further. Well, maybe a reference every once in a while to our foolish, purist ideology-mongering. “Ideology” such a useful word with such negative connotations (ideologues ... kinda sounds like “idiots”, huh?), so useful for attributing as a criticism, unlike the word “morality” which I find more fitting for what I see those on the true left talking about and what I want this national conversation to be about. Real morality.

“Morality”, that word so exploited by the Reagan right for so long. Moral majority my a**. Just as the “tea party” framing is exploited by those who are not committed to our basic human and civil rights, our bill of rights. If they were, we’d have habeas corpus back. As for Christian values, Christ said, “What you do to the least of us, you do unto me.” That is certainly not the message of empathy from the right. Let’s face it, it is not the message from anyone east of the “far left.”

Along with my personal sense of indignation over the repetitious condescension toward liberals of conscience by those with the tv mikes and bully pulpits is a valid question that hangs in the air, are these anchor people reporting the reality of the political situation, or are they building and enabling a false perception of reality? These formidable members of the media class who are, let’s face it, very, very strong players, not detached commentators at all, of the political game that has impacted millions with so often profoundly grave and negative national and/or global consequences.

We citizens are irrelevant. We are in the cheap seats if we get to witness our governance at all, the very use of our taxed dollars. Remember the wall TV in Bradbury’s masterful Fahrenheit 451? TV as creator not reporter of a convenient, projected group think. Hitler recognized the propaganda power of mass media. So many of us wait to be told what we are thinking. We are all told what Obama or the political class must do to coax us into malleability. Often we hear about how downright obtuse we are. We are objects not subjects of the media’s narratives. That is so vital to keep in mind.

The people of conscience, disenfranchised, ignored, minimized by those like Keith, Rachel, etc., who I had once hoped would hang on to some semblance of morality and liberalism. All that inspiring anger-rhetoric at the atrocities of the Bush regime. Obama’s so often current "free pass" confounds among these powerful pundits.

It was Nader who called out the corruption of both parties. How right he was. The media class of sycophants are doing all they can to pretend we have a workable democratic two party system. The faux progressive shows are all about the game of spin. Howie Hawkins of the NY Green Party says that the Dems and Repubs are just playing good and bad cops with us. They are actually part of the same team, again, one that is so NOT OUR TEAM! We have actually only one big war/money party ambushing not protecting our needs. And the “fourth estate” joined their gated community team of profit and power a long time ago. Wake up and smell the tragedy.

I naively thought the protests led by progressive media against Bush were about right and wrong. They were instead about gamesmanship and power. Progressive media celebs are corporate-pimped. Corporate-pimped along with Obama and most if not all of our Congress on both sides of the aisle. It is a game of spinning not of justice and equality. If it costs them all nothing, in terms of not inconveniencing their respective corporate pimps, the Dems, say, will promote illusion-reassuring progressive policies. The progressive elite-access-loving media will cheerlead us to ignore the massive elephants in the corners of the national living room, like an insane military budget, or sociopathic corporate profiteering as people struggle and/or die. They will apologize when necessary for Obama instead of helping to hold his feet to the fire for real renewing change.

An anti-war protest in front of the White House occurred December 16th. 135 or so brave activists including Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers, were arrested during a cold snow. No mention as far as I could find among mainstream media including MSNBC. Minimization is bad enough at their hands. But when there is an absolute media blackout, that is a TELL! A serious tell. If I am going to be betrayed, I want to recognize the degree I am being betrayed. I found that absence of mention sobering. DESERVING OF MENTION at the very least here!!!

I watch the Newshour. I still tune in at times to MSNBC. But now with huge grains of salt and girded for the pain of the ongoing betrayal to truth and justice. I wince at the dismissals of us on the “left.” Those mentions resemble the batting aside of pesky mosquitos.

I know it is about gamesmanship. I know it is about corporate-built illusion of faux democracy. I am glad at times for the cherry picked victories of liberalism, but it builds these manipulators and sellouts a dangerous credibility they don’t deserve. One that seduces viewers too easily to deny and minimize along with them. Lemmings to "learned helplessness."

As far as I can see, these are the real dangerous cheerleaders for Good Germanhood in America.

They must be called out. We have watched the “pragmatic” progressives sell out the single payer medicare for all movement, the anti-war movement, the slaughtered Gazans, etc. Ever see the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Soul-snatched zombie-ism is alive and well on MSNBC. FWIW.

Gore Vidal called us the "United States of Amnesia." We sure are. And then there is Obama. The Magician President who took the spirit of Martin Luther King and changed it to the agenda of Dick Cheney (with a lot of help from his power-obsessed game playing media and political cronies) and got so many not to mind. Obama has a gift all right. But it is for the wrong side of history. He is a gamesman not a statesman.

The media, whether Fox or MSNBC, don’t seem to know what statesmanship is. Might-makes-right power-lust replaced morality a long time ago.

The game is on, all right. We gotta see it -- out of the box -- so to speak. Not be seduced by media pseudo-progressives.

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Submitted by lambert on

... they're extremely unlikely to be your friend.

Best investment of your time is not to watch teebee at all.

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Submitted by twig on

and even then, the msnbc hosts distort the issues with half truths. The last straw for me was when Olbermann was heaping praise on the Dems for passing the childhood nutrition bill pushed by Michelle Obama without bothering to mention that it was being paid for in part by cutting the food stamp program.

I miss Bill Moyers ...