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Why I vote

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And why I'm not gonna let anyone berate/insult/scare me out of voting for whoever the fuck I want to vote for.

(And as I was Mary Poppins for Halloween here's a little extra)

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Submitted by hipparchia on

because in some states more voting women than voting men will place the government under petticoat rule

because that would be such a terrible awful thing ...

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my other favorite on that list is the one about wives either doubling or annulling their husbands' votes. thanks for the election-day lulz!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

in other times, women, people of a different skin hue, religions, and/or ethnic variation also were also allowed to participate in the political process. in a wholly meaningless way.

you've got to understand how much it pains me, personally, to say this. i am the child of three generations of voter rights advocates. wimmin, negroes, gaii folk, etc.

but the simple fact is has to do with the arc that inevitably happens to all "democracies." we're at that point. the trappings of voting and democracy matter less and less, both here, and in all industrialized democracies around the globe.

i'll save it for Tomorrow, etc, but let's not kid ourselves, shall we? yes, american women can cast a ballot for the brown hued preznit Drone Bomb. yeah! gays can serve in his military and kill unarmed pakistani wedding parties, too! or torture and murder american citizens in the name of, um, i'm not exactly sure anymore. but... something! cause tasing is fun!

i am feminist. i rejoice that the US now has an openly lesbian senator. i weep because i know she will join ranks and vote for endless war, the destruction of the new deal, and continue to grant environmentally destructive corporations the right to pollute, avoid taxation, promote GMO and otherwise use nature to bring about a quicker end to life on this planet as we know it.

this is Corrente. it is election night and i endorse what i just said. thank you lambert for providing me a place to say so.