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Why Jebbie has Mickey Rat's nuts in a vise

Now everything falls into place. American Progress via the excellent Charles from a suggestion by alert areader follow the money at Digby:

As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush serves as a trustee for the state employees' pension fund. That fund owns approximately 7.3 million shares of Disney stock.

And it's not like Jebbie would use the worker's pension fund, money that doesn't belong to him, corruptly, or anything. I mean, these guys aren't like the Ohio Republicans, for heaven's sake!

And, since Disneyworld is in Florida, Jebbie has another way to put Igers nuts in a vice get Bob Iger's attention:

Disney's agreement with the state of Florida "gives the entertainment company near complete control over 40,000 acres" in the central part of the state. Disney's theme parks operate "free from government oversight – [Disney] is in effect the government – and can do almost whatever it wants with its land."

So, Florida essentially set up a franchise government called Disney: a state within a state. And the franchise Florida giveth, could taketh away:

According to the 4/28/01 Palm Beach Post, Michael Eisner, in a private speech to Jeb and his executive staff, stressed he was acutely aware "the success and result of [Disney's] relationship with the state is taken for granted." A member of Jeb's staff, apparently appreciative of his remarks, then asked Eisner "what more the state could do for his company."

And then there are the cruise lines:

During the 2003 first quarter earnings conference call, Eisner cited the patronage of the Bush family to ease investor concerns about Disney's cruise lines. Eisner told analysts on the call "we were very happy that when the President and Jeb Bush's son and his wife and about 16 grandchildren went on over Christmas...they all had a very good time."

Remember this from Bussh after 9/11?

In the days after 9/11, many Americans were wondering what they could do to help their country. President Bush urged the country to "Go down to Disney World in Florida. Take your families and enjoy life."

Jeebus. Two weeks after 9/11, and already Bussh is using it for a quid pro quo. What a piece of work is man (and Bussh too).

According to the 12/11/01 Village Voice an ecstatic Eisner blasted out an e-mail touting President Bush as "our newest cheerleader."

Of course, Bush was a cheerleader at Yale, so I feel great that at last Bush found something he's qualified to do.

So, it looks like Jebbie's calling in some markers on behalf of his little brother. Bush crime family values! And all completely justified under the Endangered Republicans Act of 2006!

UPDATE Welcome, What Really Happened readers. Here's a story we think you'll like too: It's about Bush's $450 million slush fund under the Softwood Lumber Agreement.

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