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Why Michelle is always so angry

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I guess I'd be angry too......

Edited by vastleft: took off front page because it's unclear what the link to the New Yorker TOC has to do with this post. Michelle is angry why?

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I don't know I just keep thinking about this and parties aside, I think that a good dose of Hillary would be good for the Republicans. This election has certainly helped pour money into our economy. Even if it is democrats money hehe. Hillary and John McCain are friends, they disagree on about everything but they are both Patriots. I think that a little bit of Hillary could go a long way to reenergizing the Republican party and instill within it a sense of feminist values.

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Yea, obviously this link is incorrect. Maybe you should take it off entirely until the appropriate link is on because I spent 20 minutes perusing the New Yorker looking for something that isn't there.
By the way,a few days ago I was on another blog (not that yours isn't the best, ya know)and I clicked on a link for Corrente, started reading and I thought that Lambert had gone over to the other side (I think the drinking the Kool-Aid analogy is wearing thin). It was one of those really, really vicious Anti-Clinton sites -I mean worse than the usual Big Bog Blogs are. It wasn't until I googled Corrente that I noticed that there is a correntewire and a correcteblog. Luckily, yours got top billing so my world was put right side up again.

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Let's have a little value add, shall we? Especially with an inflammatory headline like this. Let's not write checks with the headline that the content can't cash....

Maybe we need to institute An Actual Rule:

No one-liners except for the Fellows (because being lazy is one of the privileges that Fellow get, along with the free drinks at the wet bar).


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