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Why does BooMan hate Obama?

Doesn't BooMan realize that calling Obama's Secretary of State "a worse racist than Jesse Helms" -- even if it were true -- is going to undermine Obama's policy in the Middle East, and hurt the Democrats in the mid-terms? Check out this odd comment from yesterday:

"It is not in my interests to try to do that"?! Ya know, I may be "stoopid", but there's something about that "It is not in my interest to do so" that just ain't right...

And sweet Jeebus, who's not over the primaries?

NOTE Look, give Boo -- "Grab Obama's Ass And Shove Your Tongue Down His Throat" -- Man the benefit of the doubt, here. Assume he's making a coherent statement of what he believes his "interest" to be. Perhaps Obama's SoS is a reformed character. So shouldn't we "wait 'til [s]he does something" before criticizing?

NOTE Nice work, there, Ed J.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Boo's case is ironclad. Same as Kos's on the darkened photo.

These are our betters. They must also know why it was brilliant for Obama to choose a well-documented racist to represent us in a diverse world. I don't blame them for not wasting their time explaining it to the stoopid.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Bravo, sir! Well played! And for placing "embraced" in there as well! An eagle shot, well played indeed.

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Submitted by Spacey on

You are stoopid. You probably pay your own way in life too and don't sponge off of others while playing at being some sort of intellectual policital Jesus, not very smart lambert. You must be way stoopid.

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Submitted by Damon on

This is just sad. One would hope that something this stupid and ridiculous would have been written in the heat of the primary season to give him at least enough room to wiggle his big toe, but here it is June of 2009 and these fools are still putting out this unadulterated crap? Worst than Jesse Helms, eh? That's getting into Obama = Hitler territory, and you all know how the blogosphere would respond to even something like that being hinted at.

Submitted by lambert on

Instead, all the poor guy does is foutre le camp.

And BooMan's health care post on Snowe was awful -- didn't even cite Reich. No time to demolish it, alas. Readers?