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Why Rolling Stone is better than the NYT or WSJ

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Jann Wenner owns Rolling Stone which he founded during the Summer of Love when I was 15. He can publish these stories that don’t appear — and will probably never appear — in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times mainly because his business is radically different from their businesses. Rolling Stone doesn’t look to Citibank or Morgan Stanley for advertising. And Jann Wenner has nobody to report to except himself. Like me, he doesn’t give a damn. Those other papers have shareholders and boards of directors that inevitably create a cesspool of interests and intrigue no matter what the church-versus-state rules are supposed to be.

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At the end of Stephen King's Firestarter, Charlie goes to the Rolling Stone to tell her story. It includes a scene, where she is at the public library, asking the librarian for help in finding the right newspaper to go to, and her questions were ones like, "Connections to the government?" and "Unafraid of controversy?"

My young mind didn't get it then, when I first read it, but oh does it get it now.