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Why we need a jobs guarantee

Corey Robin:

So, here’s what a government jobs program would mean to us: less unemployment, absolutely; greater stimulus and multiplier effects, absolutely; but, beyond those specific economic indices, it would also mean greater chances of unionization; better options (often) for pay and benefits; greater options for exit from bad private-sector work and thus, in the long run, better options for voice and power at that work.

Government jobs are obviously not a panacea, especially not on their own, but when they’re part of a larger package of increased labor rights, tighter regulation, higher minimum wage, greater taxation, more generous unemployment and social welfare policies, they add up to a vision in which the masters of the universe have to contend with more—and different—men and women than they heretofore have had to contend with.

Look! Over there!!! ZOMG!!! Teh debt!!!!!

Of course, stimulate aggregate demand and you solve the debt problem (to the extent that owing money to ourselves is a problem, but that's another post).

I guess the elite must want the debt problem to be permament, or sumpin. Surely it's not possible for them to shrink the economy to ruin while making themselves even richer. Then again, things have worked out very well for them so far.

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