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Why your "elected" "representatives" never have time to talk to you


The HuffPo’s Ryan Grim and Sabrina Siddiqui obtained a PowerPoint presentation given to incoming Democratic freshmen legislators by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the DCCC’s recommended schedule for House members includes four hours spent on the phone begging rich people for money and one hour spent begging rich person for money in person. This is the daily schedule.

Of course, being a Senator or a Congressperson is really just an almost-unpaid internship on the way to getting a job for life servicing that same class of rich people.

So all things work together for good!

UPDATE Adding, I wonder how much time the rich spend per day talking to poltiicians. Surely not four hours.

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Submitted by chadwick newsome on

I wonder more and more why there are two flavors of elected representative. Is it a rule or convention that you need to have or there would be no game? It can't be because of any substantive difference between the 'sides'. Maybe it's fair to say there is a difference in tone. The Demokins make sympathetic sounds while they knife you in the back whereas the Repulicrats say, Here. Take that, you dog!