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More like this please:

About 100 Stoughton High School students walked out of class Monday morning [#51] to protest Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to limit the collective bargaining of public employees, including teachers.

The students walked across the street to the parking lot of Stoughton United Methodist Church, where they signed a petition and listened to protest leaders give speeches.

"Let's show Gov. Walker that we care about learning, and the teachers are worth every cent that we pay to them," said Theron Luhn, a junior who helped organize the protest.

The students returned to the building after about an hour.

The action was the most dramatic schools-related response Monday to Walker's bargaining plan, offered as part of a bill to close a $137 million budget hole through June.

Students at East High School in Madison planned a protest march to the Capitol on Tuesday during school hours, and a Facebook group formed by students in Platteville called for a statewide student walkout Tuesday.

About 10 students at Sun Prairie High School held a "walk-in" to show their support for teachers.

"As faculty came walking in the doors we welcomed them and cheered for them," said Zack Henderson, a Sun Prairie High School senior who organized the event that started around 7:15 a.m. "(Teachers) were so happy students were standing up and saying something."