If you have "no place to go," come here!

But will they stay bought?

The chart on the legacy parties that everyone should ponder today. From McClatchy, bien sur.

I'm guessing the legacy parties will stay bought -- like all honest politicians. If the Ds throw Golden Sacks from the sleigh to the wolves, that's only to preserve the power of the banksters taken as a system. And if the Rs scream "socialism," that's what they do. And if the career "progressives" scream "ZOMG! The Rs are crazy!' that's what they do. It's just the ratchet effect in action. Again. In the same way that Obama rationalized and consolidated Bush's authoritarian gains on torture, warrantless surveillance, and executive power, so Obama is now rationalizing and consolidating the largest upward transfer of wealth in world history, which happened with the bailouts. It's all ice cream for the banksters, with populist Jimmies.

The baseline for financial reform has two components:

1. Breaking up the big banks;

2. Bankster CEOs in orange jumpsuits doing the perp walk. That's CEOs, plural, and by "CEO" I don't mean "expendable underling."

Anything short of that is a FAIL. And "regulation" is a FAIL from the get go, because how is cognitive regulatory capture achieved? With money. Lots of money. Money to fund the think tanks, money to fund the "journalists," money to fund the jobs on K street after our elected representatives finish their poorly paid internships on the Hill, money to fund the $500,000 per annum useless VP job for the boss's son, money for their bonuses, money for their perks, money for their private jets, and on and on and on. And how are these humongous pools of money achieved? Through scale. And that's why the banksters don't want to give scale up (even though scale achieves no demonstrable public good).

If the banksters have to give scale up, they will also have to give up a lot of personal cash money, and that means a great deal to them. That and the power.

So the banksters don't want to do that. Which is why they have to be forced to.

What we can do is take our money out of the financial system; many drops make a tide. Take your money out of the big banks, and put it a local bank, or better, a credit union. I'd consider taking my money out of my tiny, really tiny IRA, taking the penalty, and investing it locally, where it would do some good. How do I know these clowns won't steal it in the next crash?

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