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Winograd = Ciro II?

Winograd's site:

Marcy Winograd, President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, thinks it's time a real Democrat challenged 36th District Congresswoman Jane Harman, a supporter of the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, new nuclear weapons development, secret detentions and the suspension of due process, and illegal government wiretapping of private American citizens. Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, remained silent for over a year after being briefed on the Bush administration's violation of federal wiretapping law (FISA) and recently told "Meet the Press" that she deplores the New York Times for informing the American people that the Bush Administration ignored the law.

Anyway, onward to Jane Harman and her discontents:

Via Jane, I was inspired to read a humongous thread on Kos that started with Rep. Jane Harman posting a diary. Harmon sure seems like a nice lady, and I think she's right to come out against permanent bases in Iraq, but isn't that a trivial issue right now? (I know, may you live in interesting times.)

After all, we've got a President who openly admits to breaking the law (FISA, with Bush's illegal domestic surveillance program) and the Congressional response is to rewrite the law? WTF?

And then Harman goes on Kos and doesn't understand that Republicans destroying the Constitution would be the number one issue in the blogosphere? Where has she been living? (Answer: The Beltway).

So, comments from the LA contingent?

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