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Working Families Party: Democrat stooges

John Halle:

A good indication occurred in Syracuse, NY where long time Green activist Howie Hawkins, whose previous campaign against an machine Democrat failed by 94 votes, this time went down by a slightly larger margin.  The difference did not reflect a lack of support but rather the presence of the Working Families Party, which, as the Syracuse Post Standard reported ”hired paid canvassers and coordinated an intensive get-out-the-vote effort on (Hawkins’s opponent’s) behalf during the past few weeks.”

This is only the most recent chapter in the long and increasingly sordid history of the WFP which during the last gubernatorial election, showed its true colors as a pawn of Democratic Party leadership by supporting the union busting “Governor 1%” Andrew Cuomo.Increasingly true to form, rather than aiding numerous Democrats against Republican competition, (for example, here) the WFP turned its fire against the left, supporting a bland, corporate centrist in Syracuse.  Their rationale for doing so was pithily summarized by one of the paid WFP out-of-town “organizers”  who declared on social media that “A victory for Hawkins tomorrow would be worse for the progressive cause than any other victory for a Right Winger.”

It was due to Hawkins strong challenge that the combination of crackpot logic and cynicism which is at the core of WFP much vaunted “strategy” has been finally revealed for all to see, provoking this petition which has attracted the support of noted left intellectuals such as Barbara Garson, Rick Wolff, Margaret Kimberly, Doug Henwood, Steve Early and 200 others.

Rather than being coddled, the WFP should be widely repudiated, most notably by the Nation magazine, which has repeatedly championed it, to the exclusion of other left parties, for years.

Disgusting. But The Nation supports them! Ha ha ha.

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Submitted by par4 on

I think Scahill made the right call in getting away from that partisan bird cage liner. No idea how this Omdyar thing will work out, but his work is to good for The Nation.

Submitted by lambert on

Seriously, if Omidiyar doesn't work out, and it might not, at least he will have tried something new. Because the old left circuit is not working, has not worked for years.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

With all the money flowing unrestricted into politics these days, I'd guess that we'll be in for more of this. After all, once you've run all the TV ads you can and taken all the polls (push and otherwise) it's reasonable to take, what else is there to do with the money but buy some old trademarks that used to mean something and turn them into propaganda portals?

Think of it as trickle-down political economics...

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

How sad is it that a New Yorker can't even rejoice about DeBlasio "the people's Mayor" winning given that WFP is his political and financial cradle. And I don't want to hear about "perfection is the enemy of the possible." TINA is alive and well here in "Democratic" NYC just as it is at the Obama-Obamabot federal level.

Really depressing.