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"So don't expect a lot of coverage of the issue. Most of us don't want to take a lot of stupid abuse from nutty people for speaking powerlessly over an issue in which both sides deserve plenty of scorn."

Atkins is talking about Gaza, but he's really talking about any issue not on the career "progressive" list of Democrat operative-approved issues.

Single payer, for example, back in 2009, when the same paragraph might have been written on that topic. I stopped reading Hullabaloo after that debacle, so it comes as a surprise to me that Hullabaloo has turned off comments. I thought that "epistemic closure" applied only to Republicans?

UPDATE This is a classic example of "Republicans shoot you in the face, Democrats stab you in the back." Where Republicans are open in their hatreds -- it's refreshing, in a way -- Democrats do their work by silencing people, generally from back rooms.


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The list of nono topics keeps growing, too.

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Forget single-payer. DKossacks have even abandoned the public option.

Joan McCarter, November 2009:

"We're veering ever closer to the point where this bill is not going to do a whole lot more than force people to buy crappy insurance. The public option, as limited as it is, is the foot in the door to providing more and better options to more people. Without it, even as constricted as it has become, this bill isn't reform."


Joan McCarter, today:

"This is the stuff health insurance reform was all about, the core regulations that will make health insurance affordable and accessible. They're also the parts of reform that will be most popular and important to the public. This is the stuff Republicans absolutely did not want to see implemented, and the stuff that will make "Obamacare" be as much an appreciated part of the nation's health care system as Medicare."


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People are funny.

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There are plenty of bloggers -- Atrios for example -- who run blogger and have comments. If it were important, it would be done.

UPDATE TINS comment "... stupid abuse from nutty people ..." suggests to me that the reasons for not having comments are not technical. As does your own "can't say i blame her."

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There was an extreme amount of comment deletion going on BEFORE the ECHO kill off.

Discus offers free software that is compatible with Blogger. Hell I have Discus on my Tumblr.

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I moved to Blogspot precisely because it has built-in Atom comments (which are better than Echo ever was). Digby could turn them on any time she wants, since she's already on Blogger from the beginning.

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... is representative, which of course it might not be, Digby traded principled albeit vociferous commenters to her left for tribalists and trolls. (Mirroring, in little, the trajectory of the Democratic Party, one might speculate.)

So it's no wonder that moderating the comments is now a pain. There's no value add to the comments section to begin with.

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using the social media, other things listed for registering?

I haven't been able to comment since you changed (or during my internet outage afte Sandy hit northern NJ suboonia. Cablevision was knocked out, electricity, etc.

Anyway, couldn't find a way to email you.