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YALIYAD: Obama, Round 1

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I've got to speedblog this morning, so forgive using the same hacktackular source twice in one morning. Obama: Cokehead has begun. Never mind that he came out about drug use years and years ago in a book that millions of people have read, discussed and accepted as proof that he's a regular guy with flaws. Never mind that *no one* in the "Serious" media would talk about the mountains of coke used by our Preznit according to dozens of sources, back when he was running, except the blogosphere, nascent as it was back then (or that fact that Pickles was the Go To Girl for dime bags of pot in college). Never mind that we really need to have an honest conversation about drugs, the failure of the Drug War, the racism of its policies and incarceration rates, the political organizations which benefit from the drug trade, the corrupt and oppressive regimes the Drug War supports, etc. "Obama is a NIGGER CRACKHEAD!!!1!" That's all you need to know from this article.

I was just asking you all who you thought would be president first: a black man, a woman, or a Jew. Well, in case you can't guess, the reason the answer is going to be "shortly after 3/4 of the national press corps is taken out and shot."

Obama: nigger cokehead/crackhead, molestor of white women, islamofascist, and (I'll just guess it's coming) gambling, feckless, can't manage his money.

Hillary: lesbian man-hating abortionist murderess who wants to take your children away from you and send them to Marxism classes where they will learn to burn bibles and spit on their grandmothers, a la "The Killing Fields." Also: she hates nice ladies who bake cookies for the church social.

Fiengold: Christ Killer. Nuff said.

YALIYAD = titter, i feel naughty today. Go ahead and see if you can figure it out, readers.

UPDATE: Xan, as usual, is one step/post into the future. I can only bow to her superior research/prediction skillz:

And so what do I see this very day over at Taegan Goddard’s joint? This little item:

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) smokes cigarettes. A piece in the New Republic argues that it’s not a problem for his 2008 electoral ambitions. [quote from NR snipped]
I disagree. We live in a strange time when admitting to using cocaine in your memoir may be less of a political liability than legally smoking cigarettes. I suspect this minor character flaw has the potential to rattle some of Obama’s potential supporters.

So there. Ha ha. Obama will be knocked out, not because he’s a triangulating centrist, not because he’s trying to suck up to the Values=Jeebus mob, not even because he’s black…but because he smokes.

I rest (cough cough) my case.

I'm sure they'll go after Hillary for using OB tampons (which employ no applicator, boys, which means a girl has to actually touch her duty hole during her Time of Uncleanliness) instead of Playtex. "Senator Clinton was asked today why moral values voters shouldn't object to her blatantly pro-lesbian tampons, which clearly encourage premarital sex by Satanic stimulation of the womanly parts..." The Dirty! It Burrrrrrnssss!

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Obama is just a front man for the multi-culti feel good crowd.He said his family was America.Sorry,no niggers or any mixed breeds (not sure what he was referring to at the time) at the signing of the Constitution. Race mixing mommies and kids were thrown out in Ezra 10:3.

And he is a Christian and a lawyer?Well,I guess its good he thinks he something,because he is no historian.

Can he find any example of a sucessful example in history of a prosperous nation that bred with niggers?


Long live the West. Arab social liberal Nigger.

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I will have my blackest friend with the longest genitalia call your sister up. I have your ip address and can track you.

A question though. Why do the people who want to stand up for white pride tend to be people that most white people would be ashamed of for the most part.

You don't cotton to that learnin' stuff, and your table manners are quite atrocious.

P.S. You suck.

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Albeit they have to go back to Jan. 3 to find a post worth objecting to.

What are we doing wrong, gang? Where are our more recent posts to which Anon can get himself worked up into a masturbatory fervor and demonstrate his skill at one-handed typing as evidenced above?

Get to work promoting our primary values! Drug using, Bible-spitting (let's all open them to Ezra in honor of our visiting bigot--although I have a personal fondness for second chapter of 2nd Kings, where the Lord sends she-bears to rend and devour little children for making fun of His prophet for being bald), troop-betrayal, illegal-immigrant protecting, mother-raping, father-stabbing, father-raping, veins-in-the-teeth...oops, wrong, owl-protecting, industry-destroying, terrorist-supporting and most especially race-mixing and anything else from the Liberal Agenda I'm inadvertently overlooking. Oh shit I almost forgot the homosexual agenda! And the all-time favorite of Anon's ilk, the supreme rule of the Scary Vagina!

Cue up the rerun of "Mandingo," wouldya CD, and make sure every seat has a copy of Mao's Little Red Book for tonight's mind-control services?

I'd get them but I'm busy wringing the spit out of these American flags so we can have them ready for the daily burning.

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In answer to anonymous's question, let's be reasonable, here, people. Anonymous has a point! He asks:

Can he find any example of a sucessful example in history of a prosperous nation that bred with niggers?

Yeah, I mean, look at what happened to the Confederate States of America! A few flags on some state capitols, tracks, as of knuckles dragging, going back into the piney woods...

I rest my case. A fine example of winger projection syndrome...

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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one of my favorite Civil War blogs, Civil War Women Particularly this post:

Ellen Smith was born in 1826 in Clinton, Georgia, to a biracial slave woman named Maria and her white master, Colonel James Smith. Ellen was so light-skinned that she was often mistaken for a member of her father's family. This infuriated Mrs. Smith so much that she gave Ellen, then 11 years old, to her daughter, the wife of Dr. Robert Collins of Macon, Georgia.[snip]

In Macon, Ellen met William Craft, a slave whose family had been sold to pay off his master’s gambling debts. He now belonged to a banker who apprenticed him out as a carpenter to a white cabinetmaker, an occupation that provided William with a trade few slaves were fortunate to get. Slaves who learned a trade had some autonomy, and many were allowed to keep part of their earnings.

Ellen and William were allowed to marry in 1846, but they couldn’t live together since they belonged to different owners. They endured this separation for a while but soon began to plan their escape from bondage.

Ellen cut her hair, changed her walk, and wrapped her jaw in bandages to disguise her lack of a beard. Dressed in trousers and a top hat, she posed as a white slaveholder traveling north with “his” slave for medical care. She wrapped her right arm in a sling to hide the fact that she couldn’t write.

On December 21 1848, after obtaining passes from their masters to travel to the next town for the Christmas holiday, the couple used the money William had saved to board a train to Savannah. After traveling by steamboat along the coasts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland, the Crafts arrived in Philadelphia on Christmas Day, without being discovered.

Yup, really dumb people there. No talents whatever.

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He's a corporate slave, albeit paid and fed garbage wages, and like the Confederate poor of the mid-1800s, thinks elimination of ethnic competition will guarantee a little better slop in his bowl.

The Aristocrats will continue to eat his soul as they sap his life.

If his own personal political barons to manage to retain power in this country he and his sister and serial wives and all their children will die in wars for Empire or back-breaking service to the Dominion. That is, if they don't drown in the rising seas or freeze in a nuclear winter first.

Your masters are using you badly, like they used your parents before you. Trust me: the difference between you and an African American is superficial and purely the result of sexual selection. That's right, Stormfront. Your blue eyes aren't a harbinger of intelligence, only a product of centuries of mindless sexual selection.

In other words, inbreeding.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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don't worry, we don't discriminate here. feel free to show yourself as obviously republican and stupid as much as you'd like.

and remember, according to a recent Penn survey, very, very few "white" americans have DNA that is of exclusively european heritage. titter, i wonder how far back we'd have to go to find the Nigger In You. i'm guessing, a generation?

/end most over his head yo mama slur he's ever read/

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wow. This blog will serve me for an excellent study in how ignorant and backward some americans are. Fun stuff.

Submitted by lambert on

Come back often.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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America has become a joke to the rest of the world because of people like you. But its all good dawg, with weak economy youre now a great shopping mall.

<3 from europe

p.s. Just saw the math test below, are you sure that education in your country is good enough? A world map challenge seems more appropriate.

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I'll be very surprised if this guy has been beyond the shores of America. As far as this guy is concerned, his world is strictly Black VS white. What a myopic individual.

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Muhamed Ali used the rope a dope to sucker the suckers.
Obummer is using the hope a dope to sell snake oil
to the gullable.